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PUBG analyst reveals most likely final circles for Miramar and Erangel

Published: 2/Sep/2019 8:44

by Connor Bennett


A former competitive coach for PlayerUnknown’s Battleground has uncovered the most likely areas that players will find themselves in when it comes to the game’s final zones. 

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When it comes to any battle royale title, be it Fortnite, PUBG, or Apex Legends, the RNG [random number generator] is one of the biggest factors when it comes to possibly winning. It decides where loot spawns, where the zone is going to push from, and where you’re going to fight out the game’s final circle.

While players will try and study patterns within the RNG, it’s usually pretty difficult to figure out the landing spots that will guarantee the optimal loot for a win. However, one analyst has taken things a step further and tried to nail down the final locations of PUBG’s circles on the Miramar and Erangel maps.


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PUBG CorpThe Miramar map has been a controversial one with PUBG players as it contains plenty of strange problems.

Alexander ‘Dyrem’ Sevirinov, a former coach for Team Russia, revealed his findings in a tweet on September 1 – noting that he’d studied thousands of competitive games on the title’s ‘super settings’. 

According to Dyrem’s research, there are four locations that stand out above the rest on Mirama: Power Grid, Junkyard, south of Impala, and just northeast of Chumacera. 

Things were a little more balanced on Erangel, however, with a few areas like Military base, mountains south of Georgopol, and Pochinki all having balanced results. 

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While some questioned the findings, Dyrem revealed that he had worked them out on the #28 patch, and that “almost nothing changed” when he updated the game to the #30 patch. 


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Of course, some professional players saw the results as a chance to demand change from the game’s developers – Bluehole.  

Team Envy player Nick ‘Interrogate’ Raposo tweeted: “Remove land ratio from Miramar. Adjust land ratio on all maps. @PUBGEsports @PUBG.”

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Despite being able to pinpoint the most likely final points for a match on both maps, it’s clear that Miramar is much easier to decipher and make an educated guess on where you need to be towards the endgame.

Whether or not these findings prompt professional players into changing their landing spots, or having Bluehole make some map changes, is up in the air, but at least for now they can develop new game plans.