PGI 2018 PUBG $1 Million Charity Showdown Tournament Ft Ninja, Shroud, Dr DisRespect – Streams, Schedule and More

The $1 million PUBG Charity Showdown event is taking place in Berlin at PGI 2018 Global Invitational, and will feature some of the best known Twitch streamers going head-to-head.

With the third person tournament done and dusted, professional competition takes a break for a day at PGI Berlin, while the streamers take over in the name of charity.

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The event will see 40 streamers team up with 40 professional players to duke it out for a shot at the massive $600,000 first place prize, which is split between the players and given to a charity of their choice.

The event will be streamed live on PUBG’s official Twitch channel, with the first of four matches starting at 3:30pm BST / 4:30pm CEST / 7:30am PDT.

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The four matches will be played out to decide the winning duo, with the $1 million split amongst the top three finishers.

The streamers themselves are also live from the event on their personal channels, so you can watch their perspective exclusively, with their facecam and microphone audio.

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Dr DisRespect

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The PGI Charity Showdown combines some of the biggest streamers from around the world with professional players competing in the tournament. Each squad will face off to earn money for the charity of their choice, with a $1 million USD total prize pool. Featured streamers include Shroud, Ninja, DrDisRespect, Moondye, Rubiu5, Willyrex, Sacriel, and many more!

Prize Money

Top placing teams will evenly split the prize pool for their charities as follows:

  • 1st Place: $600,000 ($150,000 per player)
  • 2nd Place: $300,000 ($75,000 per player)
  • 3rd Place: $100,000 ($25,000 per player)

Watch the event, live from the Mercedes Benz Arena in Berlin, Germany on Friday July 27th at 7:30am PDT | 16:30 CEST, on all major streaming platforms. For more information on PGI, visit the PGI website and be sure to tune in from July 25-29!

Watch live on these platforms: Website • Twitch • YouTube • Facebook • Mixer