PCS5 Americas Grand Final: PUBG Esports story so far

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The PUBG Continental Series has returned for its fifth series, with the Americas Grand Final right around the corner.

It’s been a busy year in the world of competitive PUBG. The season began at the esports’ largest LAN event to date, the PUBG Global Invitational.S.

Following the three-month event in Seoul, PUBG Esports returned to online regional play with the PUBG Continental Series. Back in June, the PCS4 Americas Grand Final finished with the Soniqs standing above the rest. North America’s strongest roster, and potentially the best team in the world, added another major title to their rapidly growing trophy case. The team enters the PCS5 Americas Grand Final with similar results in mind, but there are always a handful of teams who pose as genuine threats.

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Following the PCS4 competition, the next major event was the ESL PUBG Masters Phase 2. This tournament brought together sixteen of the best teams across North America and Latin America. Competing for a $50,000 USD prize pool, the ESL PUBG Masters would also award PGC Points.

After an outstanding performance in the event prior, the Soniqs were unable to replicate their success in the ESL Masters.

ESL PUBG Masters

A brief setback for the fan-favorites heading into every tournament meant an opening for their closest competitors. And that’s when Oath stepped up their game.

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Claiming four matches across the twenty-four total rounds, Oath closed out the ESL PUBG Masters as Champions. That win earned them 300 PGC Points and $13,000 USD. It was also the team’s first victory since the format switched to the ‘Most Chickens’ ruleset.

This season, each event has been leading towards the largest event of the year, the PUBG Global Championship 2021. This is where the best teams from around the world will decide which team is the strongest. It’s every player’s ultimate goal when the PUBG Esports season kicks off, and it’s just around the corner.

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Currently, the top teams in the Americas have nearly guaranteed their spot in the PGC 21’ lobby. However, there are a handful of teams on the bubble that could earn or lose one of the region’s six invites to the tournament.

pcs5 americas


That brings us to PUBG Continental Series 5: Americas Grand Final. After fighting their way through the Group Stage and Last Chance Qualifier, sixteen teams have arrived at the Grand Final. A staggering $250,000 USD will be awarded across three weeks of play. In addition to the prize money, qualification points for the PUBG Global Championship are at stake.

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Final placement will determine how many PGC Points are handed out – making every spot on the standings more important than ever.

You can catch all of the Americas Grand Final starting Thursday, September 16 as Week One gets underway. The matches will be played under the ‘Most Chickens’ format, promoting a ‘win at all costs’ style of play. Many of the teams will be playing for an invite to the PUBG Global Championship, so the importance of each match cannot be understated.

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