Infuriating New Exploit Allows Players to Get Under the Map in PUBG and Gain Unfair Advantage

by Ross Deason


PUBG players have discovered an annoying new glitch that allows people to hider under the recently introduced Sanhok map and gain an unfair advantage.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds fans around the world were excited to hear about the game’s new, smaller map when it was originally announced back in March of 2018.


The island map, which would later come to be known as “Sanhok”, is half the size of the other two maps that are available, and the developers hoped it would encourage faster, more intense matches.

After numerous play tests and modifications, Sanhok was finally introduced to the main version of the game as part of PC 1.0 Update #15 on June 22nd and it seems to have gone down well with the majority of community members.


Unfortunately, infuriating new bugs and exploits are being discovered on a regular basis and one YouTuber has highlighted a particularly bad one in the village of Na Kham that allows players to hide under the map and ambush enemies:


Clearly this exploit is not supposed to be in the game and players will be hoping that it catches the eye of the game’s developers in time for it to be fixed in the next update.

PUBG Corp has been taking a hard stance against cheaters and bug users in recent months. We would advise you not to try this exploit at home as the company may decide to make an example of people using it to gain an unfair advantage.