Here's Everything That PUBG Corp. Changed About the New Tropical Map for the Final Round of Testing - Patch Notes

by Ross Deason


The developers of PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) have released the patch notes for the game’s newest map, Sanhok, as it enters the final round of testing.

The smaller 4X4 tropical map for PUBG was announced in March. At the time called “Codename: Savage”, the hope was that the map being half the size of the other two would encourage faster, more exciting matches.


The developers have been working flat out to get it ready for the live servers ever since, running numerous play tests on the Experimental Server and keep players updated on changes and progression.

Now called “Sanhok”, the map is very nearly ready and PUBG Corp. recently announced that it would be coming back to the Experimental Server from May 31st - June 4th.

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This is likely to be the last time that it will be on the Experimental Server and it is available for anyone to play and give their feedback on.

After it went live the developers released some patch notes to show what had changed since the last rounds of tests, including numerous visual changes, bug fixes, and more.


The full patch notes can be found below.


  • The performance improvements from PC 1.0 Update #14 have been applied to PUBG: Experimental Server as well.


  • Improvements have been made to throwables (frag grenades, stun grenades and molotovs)
  • Adjusted item spawn balance.
    • Overall item spawn rate increased by 3%.
    • Weapon attachment spawn rate increased by 3%.
      • Vertical grip, angle grip, thumb grip, half grip, and light grip spawn rates increased by more than double.
  • M24 will no longer appear in care packages. It now spawns in the world (see update #14 notes for more details). 
  • Adjusted bluezone balance.
    • Decreased moving speed of the last three bluezones in Sanhok
    • Slightly increased waiting time of the dynamic bluezone
      • Overall playtime increased by approximately 50 sec
    • Increased the wait time of the final circle from 30 to 60 seconds
  • For performance reasons, the waiting area before each match starts will be spread out across three locations
  • Increased the amount of throwable apples from 10 to 20


  • You can now toggle the new HRTF (Head Related Transfer Function) sound feature in the options menu (for opponent’s gunshot sounds only). The feature, which simulates fully three dimensional sound even for two-channel stereo headphones, was explained in greater detail in our dev blog last week. 
  • Reduced the volume of the care package airplane.


Environmental Set Dressing

  • Our towns are showing new signs of life! Towns now have been giving a new pass of environmental set dressing.


  • Thai-style rock walls are now spread across the map. These aren't the final, polished assets, but we wanted to get them in early. Try climbing up them and let us know how you feel about them!

Resort, Cave, and Ruins Improvements

  • We’ve added additional set dressing and material work to these areas.

Bug fixes

  • Removed grenade cooking animation and sound when throwing apples in the starting area before match starts.
  • Fixed an issue where apples in the starting area turned black
  • Fixed an issue of infinite loading and stuck in black screen when entering the match

Known Issues (Investigating)

  • Sometimes in FPP, if the player was vaulting at the time when the game starts, the player doesn't get on board in the plane and instead flies straight to the final destination of the plane. (Yes, still, again)
  • When using the Death Cam, sometimes players disappear or weapons become invisible. 
  • Sometimes in spectate mode or Death Cam, scopes are visible, but scope mesh isn’t.
  • Sometimes other players appear as zombies.
  • Sometimes the bluezone indicator on the minimap gets temporarily out of sync.