Gen.G hold on to secure PUBG Global Championship 2019 win — full results, placements

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Korean squad Gen.G have held onto their day one lead against a fast-finishing Four Angry Men (4AM) and FaZe Clan to take home the PUBG Global Championship 2019.

Gen.G have held onto their day one lead by the skin of their teeth to claim their first PUBG Global Championship win. After finishing ninth and 11th across both of their teams in 2018, they managed to storm to an early lead on Saturday and weather the storm on Sunday to claim the title.

They will be walking home with over $2 million for their efforts, after the community crowd-funded a prize pool of over $4 million.

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The Korean champions took home the MET Asia Series earlier in the year, and looked to carry their PUBG Korea League form into the Los Angeles finals.

Gen.G finished day one of the grand finals with 56 points, five points ahead of the second-placed 4AM. They maintained a steady pace on Championship Sunday, although struggled through the middle of the day with a few low placements.

Heading into the final game two points behind then-leader 4AM, and with FaZe breathing down their neck, Gen.G just needed to find their way through the hard West shifting circle to claim the title.

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After 4AM bowed out of the final game in 15th, and FaZe were forced to turtle early, the door was blown open for Gen.G to take the win.

They took the chance with two hands, sweeping up CJ Entus Force and other contenders to get a double-digit kill final game. While they were taken down in fourth, FaZe Clan were shot down shortly after, and their victory was secured.

FaZe Clan and 4AM ended up closing out the podium, although a fast finishing CJ Entus Force and VC Gaming looked to challenge them nearing the end of Match 6.

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The full results of the PUBG Global Championship 2019 are as follows:

Placing Team Final Points Cash Prize
1 Gen.G 111 $2,000,000
2 FaZe Clan 101 $600,000
3 Four Angry Men 99 $300,000
4 CJ Entus Force 89 $200,000
5 VC Gaming 84 $150,000
6 Natus Vincere 75 $110,000
7 Team SoloMid 75 $80,000
8 The Rumblers 74 $64,000
9 Genesis 61 $56,000
10 CJ Entus Ace 61 $48,000
11 SK Telecom T1 48 $40,000
12 QM Gaming 45 $32,000
13 Lazarus 43 $24,000
14 Tempo Storm 42 $24,000
15 WClick 39 $24,000
16 Global Esports Xsset 36 $24,000
17 ahq e-Sports Club $20,000
18 RED Canids $20,000
19 Afreeca Freecs Fatal $20,000
20 Ghost Gaming $20,000
21 Sting Divine Esports $16,000
22 SunSister $16,000
23 Vendetta $16,000
24 Infantry Clan $16,000
25 Athletico Esports $12,000
26 CrowCrowd $12,000
27 Team Liquid $12,000
28 Armory Gaming $12,000
29 Rascal Jester $8,000
30 Team Envy $8,000
31 DeToNator.KOREA $8,000
32 G2 Esports $8,000