Dr Disrespect’s return to PUBG ruined by sniper and he thinks it was shroud

shroud and dr disrespect on pubgDr Disrespect / shroud

YouTube streaming star Dr Disrespect has made his long-awaited return to PUBG to take on the peekers, but in a matter of minutes he was taken out by a sniper – and he joked it could be Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek.

Doc decided to turn the battle royale back on during a stream, after claiming there are no other games to play right now.

This has been a consistent claim made by the Two-Time, who started up his own AAA video game development studio ‘Midnight Society‘ earlier in 2022, with a mission to create a BR shooter like nothing else on the market.

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As fans wait for more information on Midnight Society’s codenamed project, Project Moon, they can still watch Dr Disrespect trying out other games. On May 30, he decided to give PUBG another whirl. Many seemed delighted by the news, urging him to go get that Chicken Dinner.

PUBG cross platform playPUBG Studios
Dr Disrespect decided to give PUBG another try on stream.

Dr Disrespect dies fast in PUBG return

The streamer loaded into the game to find a number of weapons and attachments on the ground. It wasn’t long before he was using a vehicle to traverse the map, and was targeted by an enemy in the distance.

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Doc used some cover on a hill momentarily, peeking up and down, while unleashing a shot. Seconds later, he tried the same thing but was too slow and the dreaded message appeared on-screen: “Dr Disrespect, better luck next time!”

“This dude never missed, huh? Holy sh*t” he said, waiting for the killcam. “Was that shroud?”

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Of course, Dr Disrespect and shroud were two of the biggest streamers to elevate the status of PUBG on Twitch when it first released, and often played together too.

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Shroud’s sniping skills are almost machine-like, though these days he spends most of his time playing Riot Games’ Valorant.

PUBG killcam

After waiting a few minutes and having to restart his game to get the killcam to eventually load, he decided to break down his own performance from the perspective of his opponent.

“I’m standing there like a f**king statue forever man, holy sh*t… Let’s WAKE UP!”

The chances of this being shroud are slim, but his fans should know his humor by now.

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Whether or not this will become a more regular thing on Doc’s channel remains to be seen, but if it’s any indication… It didn’t take long before he reverted to Apex Legends.

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