Dr DisRespect to Host Weekly PUBG Tournament Series Featuring High Profile Streamers and Celebrities

by Albert Petrosyan


Popular Twitch streamer 'Dr DisRespect' has announced that he will be soon starting a new PUBG tournament series.

According to the Doc, the series will be played weekly, include twenty teams, and feature a collection of high profile content creators and celebrities.


This new tournament was announced via a post on Twitter on August 24.

The announcement included a video that was pure Dr DisRespect, containing high intensity music, action, and sequences of PUBG gameplay.


While discussing his new tournament later on stream, the Doc revealed that he plans for the series to expand beyond PUBG and eventually include multiple games.

"It should be a lot of fun. [...] Listen, eventually we want to get multi games, multiple game tournaments, alright? Not just Battlegrounds, you know? Eventually we'd like to get into other video games as well. But, you know, one step at a time. Anyway guys, we're excited for that."


Several key details remain unclear at this point, such as whether the Doc plans on playing in addition to hosting, who the participants for the first event will be, the tournament format and specifications, as well as the start date.

All that information, and more, will likely be revealed in the coming days and weeks leading up to the series' launch.