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PUBG • May 02, 2019

Dr Disrespect freezes PUBG opponent with fear in bizarre exchange

Dr Disrespect freezes PUBG opponent with fear in bizarre exchange
Dr Disrespect / PUBG

Dr Disrespect has showcased some unbelievable moments during his Twitch streams over the years, but after a shocking exchange in PUBG, it appears that he might have developed the ability to freeze his opponents with fear. At least, that's how it looks. 


The Twitch streamer decided to take his patented Triple Threat Challenge to a whole other level during a Twitch livestream on May 1, where he set himself the goal of achieving solo victories in all of the maps PUBG has to offer: Sanhok, Vikendi, Miramar, and Erangel.

He might have had his issues with the game's developers in the past, criticising PUBG devs for having a "brain dead" red zone in the game, but that didn't stop him from coming out victorious on the first three maps. All that was left was for Dr Disrespect to pick up a victory in Erangel, where he experienced a very odd encounter with another player. 

Something very odd happened when Dr Disrespect tried to get a win on PUBG's Erangel map.


PUBG player freezes after Dr Disrespect's gunfire

The Two-Time might be known for his speed, violence, and momentum during his broadcasts, but he could never have expected to frighten somebody in PUBG to an extent where they just freeze still. Well, that's exactly what seemed to happen, leaving viewers stunned by what had unfolded.

With 26 still alive in the match, the Doc saw an enemy rush past him in a buggy and he started to fire some rounds towards the player. As the initial shots missed, the streamer moved closer to the vehicle as he noticed it had stopped - clearly anticipating that his opponent had jumped out to fire back. 

However, that was not entirely the case. 


Too easy!

As he moved nearer the car, no shots were fired so he moved even closer. "What happened to this guy?," he said, before inspecting the buggy. The player was sitting in the driving seat, completely still as if they were scared to put up a fight. 

"I didn't even know was in there. Ok," Dr Disrespect said after hitting them with a headshot from close range. Judging by his face, he didn't really seem to know what had just happened. 

Was this a stream sniper fooling around? We'll never know. 

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