Dr Disrespect explains why he’ll never play “sh*thole” PUBG again

Dr Disrespect - Twitch / PUBG Corp.

In a passionate rant, star Twitch streamer Dr Disrespect proclaimed that he will never play PUBG ever again after dying to a hacker in a 25-minute long match.

Out of all the biggest streamers, no one is more critical of the games they play on stream than Dr Disrespect, who sometimes spends more time uninstalling games and ranting about them than actually playing.

PUBG certainly falls under that category, as the Doc has trashed the game on countless occasions, despite the fact that he’s streamed it for years and is actually one of the faces of the community.

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His latest incident came just a few days ahead of Christmas, when the Two-Time was trying to enjoy some of the new holiday flair that had been added to the game.

However, instead of having a jolly ol’ time, he spent a good while putting himself in a position to win a match only to die at the hands of someone who was clearly hacking.

Aimforest / PUBG CorpHacking has been an issue in PUBG for as long as the game’s been around.

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“I just spent 15 f**king minutes in your sh*thole game to die to a hacker,” he said as he reported the cheater. “I spent 20-25 minutes setting up myself for success, rotating in, trying to pick people off coming into the zone, for them to throw a technical foul and lie to me.

He said this all with a relatively calm voice, which, funnily enough, sounded scarier than if he had yelled. Slowly but surely, however, the angry rage started to seep out as he uninstalled PUBG from his computer.

“Just absolute, stubborn clueless developers, get me off the game,” he said, his voice starting to grow louder. “I will never play Battlegrounds again, not that one. These Blueball developers over in South Korea, they’ve got no f**king idea, no clue how much time I put in that game.”

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“How much time people have put in that game, asking for certain things that they just don’t want to give,” he went on, becoming angrier by the second. “And they put stupid sh*t all over and don’t correct the game or fix it. That’s why no one’s playing it anymore. That’s why you’re Pro League is being shut down. That’s why you’re not profiting anymore – because you’re not listening.”

All that said, however, most aren’t really going to buy in on the Doc never playing PUBG again, because he’s said something similar to this many times before but ultimately decided to re-install the game and try it out again and again.

Only time will tell whether or not he’s serious this time, but unless someone releases a game that he actually likes and can get into, it’s likely we haven’t seen the end of the Two-Time on PUBG.