Best PUBG Mobile special characters ranked

PUBG Mobile VictorPUBG Corporation

PUBG Mobile features four special characters for players to unlock, but which one will be crowned the king or queen of the battle royale title? 

Unlike the regular Battle Royale title, PUBG Mobile features special characters that can give players an advantage on the virtual battlegrounds. While equipping them won’t make up for poor aim or bad game sense, they can help give you a competitive edge over your opponents. While there are only four special characters in PUBG Mobile, there are a few who really shine in the current meta.

Of course, choosing which special character to utilize can be a little tricky, particularly if you don’t wish to waste your hard-earned UC and character vouchers. Whether you’re looking to secure more kills or just want to increase your chances of getting that all-important Chicken Dinner, you’ll want to ensure you have the best PUBG Mobile character for the job. 

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4. Carlo

Carlo PUBG PUBG Corporation
Carlo is a great pick for those that hate taking fall damage.

If you enjoy clambering around the battlefield and want to avoid taking huge amounts of fall damage, then you’ll definitely want to add Carlo to your collection. Getting a high ground advantage over your opponents is always beneficial for any PUBG Mobile player, but getting down from your vantage point can sometimes prove problematic. 

While Carlo will still take damage from falling from a significant height, his ability will reduce it significantly. This will enable you to quickly pounce on your opponents to deliver a quick surprise attack. 

3. Sara

Sara PUBGPUBG Corporation
Sara is a must for any squads that enjoy driving around the battlefield.

Those who enjoy driving around the battlefield in PUBG Mobile’s various cars will find Sara extremely useful. Sara is a vehicle expert who excels at reinforcing any car she uses, giving them an extra layer of protection against incoming damage. 

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Even if Sara is just a passenger, the vehicle used by any squadmates will still receive the same reinforcement bonus. This makes her a fantastic addition to any squad looking to drive their way to victory. 

2. Victor

Victor PUBGPUBG Corporation
SMG are even more deadly when Victor uses them.

Victor narrowly misses out on claiming the top spot, but he is still a fantastic character pick in PUBG Mobile. The SMG enthusiast loves everything about these fast fire rate weapons and his skill is purely tailored around improving them. 

Whenever Victor manages to get his hands on any of the game’s SMGs, the player will have reduced reloading times. Not only does this enable you to maintain near-constant pressure in firefights, but it can also give you the edge needed to gun down your foe during those frantic engagements. 

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1. Andy

Andy PUBGPUBG Corporation
Andy’s quick hands make him an absolute menace in gunfights.

Andy was once a masterful magician and renowned puppeteer, but a fateful accident led him down a grizzled path for revenge. While the former magician may not look all that imposing, his ability to quickly cut down his targets is unparalleled. 

Andy’s skill enables him to both pull out and put away his guns incredibly fast, giving players an edge in close-quarters firefights. It’s this added kill potential that makes him the best special character in the game. 

Now that you know who the best character is in PUBG Mobile, you’ll be able to get more wins in the Season 19 update. Make sure you check out our PUBG Mobile page for all the latest news and guides. 

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