A PUBG stream sniper almost ran over Shroud, but failed spectacularly

by Vincent Genova


Shroud saw his PUBG life flash before his eyes when a stream sniper drove a vehicle directly at him.


Fortunately for Shroud, some wonky game physics kicked in to save the life of the popular streamer.

He was in the middle of an intense fight with multiple enemies when he turned around to find a car barreling towards him.

The player was foiled by a random vehicle spawn, a motorcycle that was in front of Shroud.

Shroud was frozen in place with no option to avoid the crash, but the motorcycle flipped up the car and stopped it in its tracks.


Left without their vehicle, the stream sniper had no choice but to face Shroud in a 1v1 gunfight, something few people on Earth would have a chance of winning.

The expected result happened as Shroud picked up the easy elimination.


Stream sniping is when a viewer of a livestream uses information from the broadcast to find the streamer in the match.

Shroud is a frequent victim of the practice, though recently his stream snipers have helped him with promoting his in-game products.