This PS5 SSD Prime Day deal will double your storage for less than $50

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Looking for a brand-new PS5 SSD this Prime Day? We think that we’ve found the ultimate deal that doubles your PS5 base storage, and for less than $50.

The PS5 has more games now than ever, and the 825GB of default storage on the console only really goes so far. Install four or five games on there and you will quickly find yourself running out of space to install new titles. If you don’t want to play the dance of installing and uninstalling games on your system, then you’ll need to upgrade your storage.

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Luckily, the 1TB Samsung 980 Pro Gen4 NVMe SSD has been discounted to less than $50 this Prime Day. Despite its looks, yes, it will fit into your PS5. With a base MSRP being slashed by 37% this year, this is the cheapest that this SSD has ever gotten, and will help you stuff your PS5 with more gaming goodness than ever before.

SSDs just keep getting cheaper

Samsung 990 Pro SSDDexerto

If you cast your minds back to when the PS5 first launched, Gen 4 NVMe SSDs were double, or triple the prices that they are now. But, since there’s more demand for these newer SSDs than ever, and as the production process has matured, it’s become a lot cheaper to manufacture, and therefore prices have tumbled, too.

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Replacing your PS5 SSD is also a pretty simple affair, all you need to do is take the side plates off, and then you’ll have access to a small compartment that you need to unscrew. In there is your NVMe SSD compartment, simply slot it in, screw it down, put it all back together, and you’re done. It’s a simple process that only takes a few minutes, and can be performed by those who have never touched a piece of hardware in their life.

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