Dexerto names Richard Lewis as first Editor-at-Large of - Dexerto

Dexerto names Richard Lewis as first Editor-at-Large of

Published: 11/Sep/2020 10:34 Updated: 11/Sep/2020 11:43

by Mike Kent


11th September 2020, London, UK:  Award-winning, global esports and gaming media group, production house and solutions provider Dexerto, has today announced that leading British esports veteran journalist and livestream commentator Richard Lewis will join the team on a permanent basis as the first ever Editor-at-Large at the group’s flagship website, 

Over the past ten years, Lewis has established himself as one of the most renowned esports journalists in the world and is the only individual to win Esports Journalist of the Year at the Esports Awards on two separate occasions. 


He is best known for his investigative journalism in the esports and gaming worlds, including uncovering match-fixing scandals, corruption in the CS:GO gambling world and exposing sexual abuse in the industry. In addition, he has written various reports around unethical practices in esports; including contractual issues between players and tournament organisers and teams. 

Lewis is also a former desk host of ELEAGUE, the host of The Richard Lewis Show, where he discusses recent esports affairs and news, and has previously written for various publications that cover esports.


After initially joining in November 2018 on a freelance basis, Lewis has written various opinion-led pieces and investigative articles on the site about issues in the esports industry and has covered CS:GO, VALORANT, Overwatch and League of Legends esports news.

He will now assume a permanent role for the media outlet and have a focus on creating esports themed video-led content and commission work from other content creators. Lewis will also continue to publish written articles for the site and will be working closely with our leadership team ahead of the unveiling of Dexerto’s London-based production studio.

On joining Dexerto, Lewis said, “Dexerto is the leading media outlet for esports news in the world and a major voice in digital culture for tens of millions of Millennial and Gen Z fans, so I’m really happy to assume the role as Editor-at-Large at the outlet. I’m looking forward to focusing on video-led content for the company and working closely with Dexerto ahead of the unveiling of its very own production studio in London.”


Joshua Nino De Guzman, Co-Founder and CEO at Dexerto, added, “Richard is one of the most important people in esports and has been a leading journalist in the industry for over a decade, before the name esports was even coined as a term. As well as supporting his critical work, this also reflects Dexerto’s decision to bring more video and event content together, allowing us to continue to break the stories that matter while reinforcing our world leading coverage of both esports and influencer entertainment”

The addition of Lewis follows two other recent key hires for Dexerto after Matt Hattrick joined as Brand Agency Director and Ken Olsen joined as Director of Creative Strategy earlier this year, further highlighting Dexerto’s positive growth in 2020.

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EA removes FIFA 21 ad selling loot boxes to children after backlash

Published: 1/Oct/2020 5:30 Updated: 1/Oct/2020 5:47

by Bill Cooney


September 30 update (9:30pm PT): EA has pulled the advertisement from all toy magazines, including the one shown in Smyths, promoting buying FIFA points in the lead-up to FIFA 21.

They have also apologized for not upholding their “responsibility we take for the experience of our younger players.”


“We take very seriously the responsibilities we have when marketing EA games and experiences in channels seen by children,” they told Eurogamer in a statement.

Earlier: EA is under fire after users on the internet posted pictures of advertisements for FIFA 21 in-game purchases placed inside a children’s toy magazine.


It’s that time of year again, the air is getting cooler, the holidays are fast approaching, and there’s a new FIFA game about to come out on October 6.

In the year 2020 it’s not strange at all to see ads for video games amongst other kinds of toys in your usual holiday catalogs (if you don’t already do all your shopping online). However ads for in-game transactions and not the games themselves are becoming more and more common, and people don’t seem to be too thrilled with the idea.

On Sept. 26 A Twitter account by the name of AllFifamistakes posted a picture from one of the latest in-store magazines for UK company Smyths Toys. The ad, for FIFA’s popular Ultimate Team mode, lists four steps for players to play FUT, with the second being “use FIFA points to open packs.”


As any good FUT player knows, FIFA Points are the digital currency that is used specifically for that mode to unlock player packs, which are basically random loot boxes containing player cards and other upgrades.

Enough arguments have been made for and against loot boxes being a form of gambling than we could list in a series of articles, but they are one of the most unpopular features in modern-day gaming, and seen as a way for companies to keep cashing in on consumers after the fork out the sticker price just to play the game.

The fact that it’s in a toy magazine where a kid will most likely see it and bother his or her parent about buying them FIFA Points for some player packs is what seems to have ticked most people off, with some accusing EA of promoting gambling to their younger fans. However, this isn’t even the first FIFA game to employ such marketing tactics.


As you can see above, EA SPORTS has been advertising using FIFA Points to open packs as part of their “four steps to FUT success” for at least a year now, with the exact same wording appearing on adverts for FIFA 20 back around holiday season 2019.

Like gambling itself, it doesn’t seem as though loot boxes will be going away any time soon no matter how unpopular they may be, but people obviously aren’t too fond of ads for them being waved under kids’ noses.