Wild Pokemon Go bug gives players regular Electrode when evolving Hisuian Voltorb

Pokemon Legends Arceus protagonist next to Hisuian Electrode.Game Freak / The Pokemon Company

A new Pokemon Go glitch is preventing players from evolving Hisuian Electrode. The bizarre bug is changing the Pokemon Legends Arceus variant into its Kanto form instead. 

To celebrate the release of Pokemon Legends Arceus in January 2022, Niantic added one of the game’s new regional forms – Hisuian Voltorb – into Pokemon Go.

The character’s evolutionary debut during the Poke Ball Prep event in February has hit a snag, though, as players have reported that the Electric-type is not evolving into Hisuian Electrode.

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Pokemon Go Hisuian Electrode evolution screenshot.Niantic / The Pokemon Company
For some players, Hisuain Voltorb is evolving into Kanto Electrode instead.

Pokemon Go bug prevents Hisuian Electrode from evolving

Hisuian Voltorb launched in Pokemon Go at the end of January as a part of the Power Plant event. Some players who caught the new variant were met with a surprise, however, when its evolution debut during the Poke Ball Prep event on February 18 didn’t go as planned.

Users have reported that in certain instances, Hisuian Voltorbs are evolving into Kanto Electrodes instead – despite keeping the new Electric/Grass-typing from Pokemon Legends Arceus.

Over the r/TheSilphRoad forum, various players uploaded examples of the bizarre glitch in threads titled “Hisuian Electrode displayed incorrectly? Anyone experienced this?” and “Where’s my wooden ball?”

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Fellow Trainers reacted to the glitch and were critical of the rollout of the event. “The release of Hisuian voltorb was janky as hell, I wonder if it’s because it was rushed out. It doesn’t surprise me that Hisuian Electrode is having similar bugs,” a player wrote.

Another user exclaimed, “Evolved one too and the same thing happened to me.”

One comment even joked “If Niantic were a Pokemon, it would be a Bug-type.”

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Pokemon Go players react to Hisiuan Electrode evolution glitch screenshot.

At the time of writing, Niantic has yet to comment on the glitch. It’s also not clear what is causing it. Some players have had success getting rid of the bug by uninstalling and reinstalling their app.

Even though it looks to be a visual glitch, Electrodes are continuing to stay in their Kanto form even after fixing the evolution problem. Only time will tell if a patch will restore the Electric-type back to its wooden glory.

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