Why used Pokemon popsicle sticks are selling for hundreds of dollars

pokemon vanilluxeThe Pokemon Company

Pokemon fans have gone wild for used popsicle sticks in Japan. Certain frozen Pikachu Garigari-kun treats contain a prize that has Trainers paying over $500 to buy someone else’s trash. 

The Pokemon brand has become an absolute juggernaut since its 1996 debut. In 2019, reports stated the Nintendo series had become the highest-grossing media franchise in the world, with its games, clothing, and accessories bringing in billions of dollars. 

So it’s not unusual to see the RPG’s mascot on snacks and sweets. However, players have gone wild for a popsicle in Japan that gives them a rare prize. So much so that fans are willing to shell out hundreds of dollars for used versions of the edible.

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pokemon popsiclesThe Pokemon Company / Garigari-kun
The delicious Pokemon treat had a special giveaway.

Used Pokemon popsicle sticks selling for absurd prices online

In May, popular Japanese treat Garigari-kun announced they were teaming up with Pokemon to promote its upcoming film Coco. The beloved snack offers a giveaway where select popsicles have a mark on the stick that could be traded in for a prize.

The reward was none other than a rare Pokemon Trading Card Game Zarude promo. The Legendary grass monster is featured in the upcoming movie, and it also recently made its debut in the Nintendo Switch title Sword & Shield.

Prices have skyrocketed on online auction sites like eBay, where fans of the series have been paying hundreds for used popsicle sticks. In July, winners who exchanged their sticks for the Zarude card have sold the item online for as high as $480. Listings in August are going for as high as $800.

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zarude card pokemon ebayEbay / The Pokemon Company
The rare Zarude card is going hundreds of dollars.

The VMAX Zarude card is special, in that it has a golden stamp of the Garigari-kun logo on it. For those that can’t afford the item, the same exact card can also be obtained right now in the Japanese Legendary Heartbeat set – although it’s worth far less due to not having the symbol. 

legendary heartbeat set pokemon cardsThe Pokemon Company / Amazon
You can get Zarude in the Legendary Heartbeat set.

While it hasn’t been confirmed yet, it appears that the Zarude card with the exact same art as the rare popsicle reward (minus the symbol) might also make its way to the US in the upcoming Vivid Voltage set.

If nothing else, this is just proof at how far Pokemon card collectors are willing to go to get their hands on a rare item. To date, the TCG’s rarest collectible has sold for $250k – though $500 for a used popsicle stick is nothing to sneeze at.

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