Why hasn’t Pokemon Go been integrated with Pokemon HOME yet?

Pokemon Company

Pokemon HOME released in February 2020 but still doesn’t have direct connectivity with Pokemon Go – so what’s going on?

The official Pokemon HOME website indicates the ability to transfer between HOME and Pokemon Go is “coming soon”. It has been this way since February, though.

Meanwhile, the likes of Sword/Shield, Bank and Let’s Go are all compatible. These have been since it released, too.

This means trainers have been waiting for 6 months and there has been no indication as to what the hold up is. Presumably, the powers that be didn’t intend for the wait to be this long, but again that hasn’t been communicated in any official way.

The most likely reason we haven’t heard anything is the global health crisis. While Niantic have masterfully sidestepped this potential nightmare by making Pokemon Go more play-at-home friendly, it has no doubt wreaked havoc with their release schedule.

The connectivity between HOME and Pokemon Go may have been one thing that got pushed back. We’ll likely never know The Pokemon Company and Niantic’s plans before it all started and just how much it affected them.

Pokemon Go Plus +

Others suspect the reason is that Pokemon Go Plus Plus has been delayed (yes, that was written correctly). This is a device that tracks your sleeping patterns.

It does so by connecting to your smartphone via Bluetooth technology. As the name suggests, too, it can also be used as a standard Pokemon Go Plus device.

The concept was first revealed in May of 2019 but we have heard very little since. The plan could be to add Pokemon Go to Pokemon HOME as and when ‘Plus Plus’ is released.

Fortunately, for those of you desperate to transfer your Pokemon from the mobile game, there is a workaround. Hopefully we will hear something soon.