Where to Find the Unremarkable Teacup in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet DLC

pokemon scarlet violet uremarkable teacupThe Pokemon Company

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s Poltchageist has an item evolution that requires either the Unremarkable Teacup or the Masterpiece Teacup, depending on its Form. Here’s how to find both of these unique Evolution Items.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s first DLC expansion, The Teal Mask, introduced new convergent species to the franchise called Poltchageist. This matcha-inspired Pokemon appears to be a convergent version of the Galar region’s tea-based Sinistea.

Similar to Sinistea before it, Poltchageist requires a special Item to make it evolve. This item is called the Unremarkable Teacup, and it may be quite hard to find.

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Thankfully, we have all the answers that trainers need about where to find the Unremarkable Teacup, so keep reading on to find out more.

Where to find the Unremarkable Teacup in the Teal Mask

As an Item Ball

Trainers can find one guaranteed Unremarkable Teacup while exploring Kitakami. Specifically, the evolution item is located inside a remote cave on Oni Mountain.

This easiest way to find this cave is to fly to the Crystal Pool. From there, head down the stairs to the Infernal Pass and head down the side of the mountain.

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pokemon scarlet violet cave map unremarkable teacupThe Pokemon Company

Trainers should look for a ravine housing a small pond, as shown in the image above.

Head north from the pond and keep an eye out for a tiny cave opening on the right side of the mountain wall. Trainers should see a lone Item Ball inside. Grabbing the Item Ball will give players an Unremarkable Teacup.

pokemon scarlet violet unremarkable teacupThe Pokemon Company

Where to find the Masterpiece Teacup in the Teal Mask

As an Item Ball

Like the Unremarkable Teacup, trainers can find one guaranteed Masterpiece Teacup as an Item Ball. Specifically, the evolution item is located inside a cave on on the south side of the Timeless Woods.

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pokemon scarlet violet sleeping snorlax locationThe Pokemon Company

Trainers may recognize this cave as the only place to find a wild Snorlax in all of Kitakami. If you would like to catch the sleeping Snorlax you can battle it. Otherwise, simply walk around it and head into the cave.

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Head to the back of the cave and pick up the Item Ball to claim your Masterpiece Teacup.

pokemon scarlet violet masterpiece teacupThe Pokemon Company

Randomly through Ogre Oustin’

A repeatable method to get both the Unremarkable Teacup and Masterpiece Teacup is by playing the Ogre Oustin’ minigame located a Kitakami Hall.

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It’s best to take on higher difficulties of Ogre Oustin’ for the best chance to earn an Unremarkable Teacup. Additionally, the higher your score, the better your chance at earning this rare item.

pokemon scarlet violet ogre oustin menuThe Pokemon Company

How to use the Unremarkable and Masterpiece Teacup in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Thankfully, the Unremarkable and Masterpiece Teacup are fairly straightforward to use, as they work just like any other Evolution Item like the Water or Thunder Stone.

Simply go into your Bag, scroll to the ‘Other Items’ tab, and locate the Unremarkable Teacup. You will need to have Poltchageist in you party to use this item. Once you do, it will evolve into Sinistea, provided that it is in its Counterfeit Form.

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The Unremarkable Teacup in Pokemon Scarlet and VioletThe Pokemon Company

If you want to evolve Poltchageist in its Artisan Form, you must use the Masterpiece Teacup. This works the same way as the Unremarkable Teacup.

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