Where to find Porygon, Porygon2 & Porygon-Z in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Game Freak / The Pokemon Company

The digital Pokemon trio can be found in a hidden location in the Hisui region. Here is where to find Porygon, Porygon2, and Porygon-Z in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

Even though Pokemon Legends Arceus takes place in ancient Sinnoh, Game Freak has used a time-bending mechanic to bring ‘mon from previous generations into Hisui.

This guide breaks down where to find Porygon, Porygon2, Porygon-Z and how to catch the digitally-made ‘mon in no time at all.

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Where to find Porygon in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Trainers looking for the Normal-type will first need to progress the story up until Mission 8: Arezu’s Predicament as Porygon can only be caught in the Crimson Mirelands. 

Players will have to track down the digital ‘mon first though, and its location can be a bit sneaky as its spawn is randomized.

Below we break down the steps on where you can find Porygon and it add it to your team:

  1. Head to the Crimson Mirelands. 
  2. Once there you need to wait for a Space-Time Distortion to appear. The mechanic won’t be unlocked until you progress the story through half of Mission 8.
  3. Space-Time Distortions are unfortunately random, so you will need to just run around the map and knock out or catch as many wild Pokemon as possible.
  4. You will eventually get a text across the screen letting you know one has appeared on the map. Travel to the massive purple dome in the sky and wait for the portal to open up.
  5. Hop on your Wyrdeer mount and ride around inside the distortion in a circle and look for Porygon.
  6. If one never shows up, you will need to wait for another Distortion to appear.
  7. Once you see it, hop off your Wyrdeer and catch it! The Normal-type will usually spawn multiple times so make sure to catch as many as you can for its evolutions.
Pokemon Legends Arceus Space-Time distortion screenshot.Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
Porygon can be found in these Space-Time Distortions in the Crimson Mirelands.

How to evolve Porygon2

Once you’ve caught yourself a Porygon, you will next need to evolve it. Unlike previous entries though, you no longer have to trade the digital ‘mon with another player to trigger its special evolution.

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You will, however, still need to use special evolution items to get the secondary form. Porygon evolves into Porygon2 using the Upgrade item.

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  1. Hit up on your D-pad to access the menu. Select the ‘Upgrade’ item and give it to Porygon.
  2. This will then unlock its evolution which will rigger automatically.
  3. And that’s it! You now have the Normal-Type’s second evolution.
Pokemon Legends Arceus Porygon2 evolution screenshot.Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
Porygon2 evolves from the Upgrade item.

How to evolve Porygon-Z

Just like Porygon2, players will not need to trade the character with another Trainer. Game Freak has simplified the process by ditching the trade evolution mechanic in PLA.

In Hisui, Porygon2 evolves into Porygon-Z using the Dubious Disc item which is sold at Jubilife Village’s Trading Post.

  1. After obtaining a Porygon2, head to your menu screen.
  2. Select the Dubious Disc item and give it to your Porygon2.
  3. The digital Pokemon will evolve into Porygon-Z.
  4. You now have the trio complete.
Pokemon Legends Arceus Porygon-Z evolution cutscene.Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
The final evolution is obtained by evolving Porygon2 with a Dubious Disc.

Where to find Upgrade & Dubious Disc in Pokemon Legends Arceus

The two evolution items are actually pretty easy to obtain. While searching for Porygon in the Space-Time Distortion, make sure to pick any objects up off the floor as both evolution items frequently appear in the time-rifts.

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Players can also buy the evolution items at the Jubilife Trading Post, though they require Merit Points. For our full breakdown on how to obtain the Porygon items, check out our full guide here.

And that’s it! You are now the proud owner of the Kanto digital Pokemon trio. Despite not technically belonging to Hisui, you’ve now obtained the popular ‘mon.

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