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When does Pokemon Unite Season 1 end?

Published: 14/Aug/2021 23:28

by Brent Koepp


The TiMi Studios MOBA’s first season is underway after launching on the Nintendo Switch in July 2021. Here is when Pokemon Unite Season 1 ends.

In Pokemon Unite, ranked mode and the battle pass are broken up into seasons. Trainers looking to unlock everything may be wondering when rewards expire.

This guide will explain how the multiplayer is dividing up competitive rankings and will look at the exact date when Season 1 of the TiMi Studio’s MOBA actually concludes.

Pokemon Unite Season 1 end date

Pokemon Unite ranked Season 1
The Pokemon Company / TiMi Studios
The Nintendo MOBA is divided into Seasons.

At launch, players were given a countdown clock under the Season 1 banner. The time frame could primarily be found under the Battle Pass.


While it’s not entirely clear if there will be a second half to the current BP, as it stands now Pokemon Unite Season 1 is set to end on September 21, 2021.

For a breakdown of when the game resets each week, check out our Weekly Reset guide which lists all timezones for each region.

Pokemon Unite Season 1 first half?

Pokemon Unite Season 1 Battle Pass
The Pokemon Company / TiMi Studios
It’s unclear whether Season 1 will have a second half.

When Pokemon Unite Season 1 ends is a bit of a tricky question, as TiMi Studios has not made it entirely clear how they are handling each phase of the MOBA.

Under the Season 1 countdown clock, it also states “first half” under the current Season. So technically speaking, there might be a Season 1 part two.


Even if there technically ends up being a part two to the first season, all the rewards and rankings will be completely refreshed on September 21, 2021.