What’s included in Pokemon TCG ‘Pokemon Card 151’? Release date, Kadabra, Alakazam EX

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The Pokemon TCG is getting another new strength expansion pack in the form of the upcoming Pokemon Card 151 set. Here’s everything TCG players need to know about this upcoming set.

The Pokemon TCG recently experienced the last expansion set for Sword & Shield through the Crown Zenith set, which sent off the Galar and Hisui region in style.

Now, TCG fans are eager to see what expansions centered around the newly released Pokemon Scarlet & Violet will have in store. However, it seems that before trading card game fans fully dive into the Paldea, they’ll be going back to Kanto for a visit.

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Though details are still early at the time of writing, it seems the Pokemon TCG ‘Pokemon Card 151’ expansion set will be the first subset released for Scarlet & Violet. Here’s what fans can expect from it.

When will the Pokemon TCG ‘Pokemon Card 151’ set release?

According to early distributor listings attained by trusted source PokeBeach, the Pokemon Card 151 expansion is set to release on June 16 in Japan. Unfortunately, there’s no official word on when the expansion is set to release in English.

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The ‘Pokemon Card 151’ set will mark the return of Kadabra to the Pokemon TCG after two decades.

As the name would suggest, the set will feature all original 151 Pokemon. Yes, that means that Kadabra will finally return to Pokemon TCG, following the news that Uri Geller has apologized for having a part in holding Kadabra from the card game for so long.

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What to expect from the Pokemon TCG ‘Pokemon Card 151’ expansion

While details are still a bit hazy on what exactly fans can expect from the Pokemon Card 151 set, some preliminary details are available from trusted sources in the TCG community.

According to PokeGuardian, the set size is 165 cards plus an unspecified number of Secret Rare cards or better. Additionally, one Booster Box will contain 20 packs, which will cost 5,800 yen.

Alongside the Booster Box, fans can expect both a Poke Ball-themed Card File set and a Venusaur, Charizard & Blastoise Card File set.

Additionally, PokeGuardian claims that sources have told them both Alakazam ex and Wigglytuff ex will be featured in the expansion.

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The article will be updated will more details as they become available.