What is Pokemon Home? The ultimate Pokemon transfer guide

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Pokemon Home is the real-world equivalent of the Pokemon Center computers that fans of the franchise have grown accustomed to using. This cloud-based storage service is available as a free app on Android and iOS operating systems and is also available on the Nintendo Switch.

While there are so many great features in Pokemon Home, most players will likely use this app primarily to transfer and consolidate some of their favorite ‘mon all into one place.

Either due to storage constraints in other games or just to keep their favorites close to home. In any case, here’s everything you need to know to get started transferring characters to Pokemon Home.

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Transferring Pokemon to Pokemon Home

This service brings all of their Pokemon under one digital roof.

Which games work with Pokemon Home?

It does this by offering players the option to transfer their Pokemon from the following games:

  • Pokémon Sword
  • Pokémon Shield
  • Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu!
  • Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee!
  • Pokémon GO
  • Pokémon Bank
pokemon homeThe Pokemon Company
We’re going to show you how Pokemon Home works.

The chart above illustrates that, while players can transfer their Pokemon to Pokemon Unite from several titles, they can only transfer them back in Sword and Shield. So, prior to transferring from those other titles, be sure that the Home is the desired final destination.

Every Generation is different and so is each game’s transfer process. Let’s break down every single title so you know exactly how to move their Pokemon from their desired game.

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Transfer Pokemon from Pokemon Go to Pokemon Home

Pokemon Go has continued to remain a mainstay in the franchise after it became the gaming zeitgeist of 2016 at its release. But, with that many years of play comes an inevitable Pokemon storage issue.

Here’s how to get your favorites from Pokemon Go over to Pokemon Home:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Select “Pokemon HOME”.
  3. Sign in to your Nintendo account associated with your Pokemon Home account.
  4. Select “Send Pokemon”.
  5. Select the Pokemon you’d like to transfer away (Remember, they cannot be transferred back!) and hit “Next”.
  6. Select “Transport” and watch them go!

You can do this initially with the Pokemon Go Transporter Device, coming with 10,000 energy, which is used for transfers. This recharges over time, but players who need to transfer a lot of characters quickly can also purchase energy with PokeCoin’s – the in-game currency in Pokemon Go.

Trainers will also receive candy in Pokemon GO when transferring ‘mon away to Pokemon Home, similar to a standard transfer in the game.

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Receiving these in Pokemon Home is very simple. Players should be notified upon opening the app that a transfer has been initiated and a pop-up will prompt them to accept the transfer. The only hiccups that could arise would likely be due to a lack of box space, which can be cleared up, or there’s the option of upgrading to the premium service.

Pokemon HomeThe Pokemon Company
Pokemon Home is available on the Switch and mobile devices

Transfer from Pokemon Sword & Shield and Pokémon Let’s Go

To transfer Pokemon from their Switch games to the cloud-based service, they first need to download the Pokemon Home app on their Switch.

This is free to download on the Nintendo eShop and makes the process very simple.

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  1. Open Pokemon Home on the Switch
  2. Agree to the terms, and endure hip Professor Oak
  3. Select “Pokemon” on the main screen
  4. Select the game you’d like to transfer to and from
  5. Grab the Pokemon you wish to transfer, and move them to the desired box
  6. Click the “+” button on the Switch and confirm the change!

Note: Players cannot move Pokemon that are not included in the Pokemon Sword and Shield Pokedex. You also cannot transfer Pokemon in the Let’s Go games to and from Sword and Shield.

Transfer from previous Pokemon Games, Using the 3DS Pokemon Bank, to Pokemon Home

This is a bit more involved than other steps in the process, due to the nature of having to handle and operate a 3DS.

But, if there are some Pokemon from pasts games that you’d like to show off to friends more conveniently, Pokemon Bank may be a tool to consider.

pokemon bankThe Pokemon Company
Transferring Pokemon isn’t too hard, if you know what you’re doing.

In order to do this, you’ll need to have Pokemon Home on the Nintendo Switch and pony up for the premium version of the app. These can be purchased from in the app on either a monthly or year-long basis. Once that’s done, you’re ready to receive Pokemon to Pokemon Home from the 3DS Pokemon Bank.

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On the 3DS, open Pokemon Bank, make sure it is up-to-date, and then select “Move Pokemon to Pokemon HOME.”

After this, go back to the Switch, select “Move” and then select “Begin Move” in order to generate a moving code for the transfer to be completed. This can also be done without a 3DS, as long as the player has their Nintendo account linked properly.

Players can get creative when it comes to getting characters from much older games and bring Pokemon of old into a new frontier using Pokemon Home.

For Trainers of the past and new users to come, Pokemon Home provides a place where everyone can store their favorite monsters and keep them closer to them than ever. With the soon-to-be release of Pokemon Legends Arceus, the cloud-based service will continue to be a tool that Nintendo fans of all ages can utilize.

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