What are Aux Powers in Pokemon Legends Arceus?

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Aux Powers are a great way of giving your squad some stat boosts in Pokemon Legends Arceus, but what exactly are they? And what crafting materials do you need to get one? 

Pokemon Legends Arceus has given the classic Nintendo series a Breath of the Wild-esque overhaul, allowing players to adventure through the harsh plains of the Hisui region in search of some of the franchise’s most iconic ‘mon.

One of the newest features to be added to the game is the crafting mechanism, which allows players to combine different ingredients to make one particularly powerful item. While we’ve seen plenty of this across the MMORPG genre, and many other open-world games, this is a new skill for Pokemon trainers to master.

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Some of the craftable items include Aux Powers, a new yet somewhat familiar item. So, here’s everything you need to know about Aux Powers in Pokemon Legends Arceus – from what they do to their individual crafting recipes.


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The crafting system allows you to create everything from Poke Balls to Aux Powers.

What are Aux Powers in Pokemon Legends Arceus?

Aux Powers are essentially Pokemon Legends Arceus’ equivalent of the X battle items. They function similarly to the likes of X Attack and X Defend, granting your Pokemon increased stats while it is in battle.

There are four in total:

  • Aux Guard – An item that sharply boosts the defensive stats of a Pokemon while in battle
  • Aux Power – An item that sharply boosts the offensive stats of a Pokemon while in battle.
  • Aux Evasion – Makes moves less likely to hit a Pokemon while in battle.
  • Aux Powerguard – An item that sharply boosts the offensive & defensive stats of a Pokemon while in battle.

How to get & craft Aux Powers in Legends Arceus

There are several different ways to get Aux Powers in Legends Arceus, with the most reliable being crafting them or straight up buying them.

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Below we have all of the different methods of obtaining these powerful items:

Aux Power Crafting Recipe Cost at Stores
Aux Power 2 x Swordcap 1,500
Aux Guard 2 x Iron Barktongue 1,500
Aux Evasion 2 x Dopple Bonnets, 1 x Candy Truffle 8,000
Aux Powerguard 1 x King’s Leaf 16,000

Pokemon Legends Arceus: Requests

You can also collect some by completing in-game Requests, which are essentially side quests. Below are all of the Requests that grant Aux Powers as rewards.

Request Starting Point How to complete Aux Power
Zubat’s Eyes Galaxy Hall Show Clarissa a Zubat 2 x Aux Power
Back-Alley Mr. Mime Galaxy Hall Help find the Mr. Mime in Jubilife Village 2 x Aux Guard
An Elegant Tail Jubilife Village Show Asabei a Glameow 2 x Aux Evasion
Getting Help from Machoke Cobalt Coastlands Show Bosley a completed Machoke Pokédex entry 1 x Aux Powerguard

So that’s how to score yourself some Aux Powers in Pokemon Legends Arceus! Looking to be the very best that no one ever was? Be sure to check out our other PLA guides:

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