Weird Pokemon Go glitch creates new Ghost-type “Eeveelution”

pokemon go ghost eeveelutionNiantic / The Pokemon Company

An odd glitch in Pokemon Go has spawned what some trainers are calling a new Ghost-type “Eeveelution” and it looks pretty spooky.

Niantic’s top mobile title is no stranger to bugs and errors, with there being some weird occurrences over the years such as PokeStops literally stealing Pokemon and Wobbuffet being downright rude.

The latest glitch to hit Pokemon Go has a scary twist, causing Gen I ‘mon Eevee to turn invisible – something some players are calling a new Ghost-type “Eeveelution.”

Ghost-type Eevee “evolution” in Pokemon Go

User ‘JewBaccaWookiee‘ shared the bug on the Pokemon Go subreddit on January 7, 2022. “Interesting new Eeveelution,” they captioned their screenshot.

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The image showed the trainer was about to use the “Kira” name trick to evolve their Eevee into Sylveon… Except the ‘mon was completely invisible apart from a singular floating eye – creepy.

“It’s the new Ghost-type Eeveelution!!” a user replied in the comments. And with the franchise being well overdue for a new evolution of the Normal-type, it’s hard not to want it for real.

The last Eeveelution, Sylveon, debuted in 2013 with Pokemon X & Y on the Nintendo 3DS. There has been no word from Nintendo since the Fairy-type regarding the next one or if there even will be another.

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Still, fans are holding out hope for another Eevee evolution – perhaps in Gen 9? The missing types are Dragon, Steel, Ghost, Flying, Rock, Ground, Fighting, Poison, and Bug.