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Venusaur best moveset in Pokemon Go & is it any good?

Published: 21/Jan/2022 23:49

by Daniel Megarry


If you’ve just got yourself a Venusaur in Pokemon Go, you might be wondering what its best moveset is, whether Frenzy Plant is worth keeping, and if it’s any good for PvP battles.

The Kanto region’s Venusaur remains one of the most beloved Pokemon of all time, and Pokemon Go players have just been treated to another chance to stock up on the Grass-type favorite with a Bulbasaur Community Day Classic.

Following this surprise event, Trainers around the world will no doubt be evolving plenty of Venusaur and wondering what its best moveset is and whether it’s any good in the Go Battle League – so we’re here to provide answers.



Mega Venusaur appearing in the Pokemon Go Bulbasaur Community Day Classic

Venusaur best moveset in Pokemon Go

One of the best movesets that Venusaur can have in Pokemon Go is Vine Whip as a Fast Move alongside Frenzy Plant and Sludge Bomb as Charged Moves.

Although Razor Leaf deals double the damage, Vine Whip has much greater energy generation (4.0 EPT compared to 2.0 EPT) and should be prioritized for quicker access to Venusaur’s excellent Charged Moves.

You’ll need the Community Day-exclusive attack Frenzy Plant as your main Charged Move if you want Venusaur to be viable in PvP, while Sludge Bomb is a great backup option for extra Poison-type coverage.

All moves Venusaur can learn in Pokemon Go

Venusaur can learn a total of two Fast Moves and four Charged Moves (not including Return) in Pokemon Go, which we’ve listed below:


Venusaur Fast Moves

  • Razor Leaf (Grass)
  • Vine Whip (Grass)

Venusaur Charged Moves

  • Frenzy Plant (Grass)
  • Petal Blizzard (Grass)
  • Sludge Bomb (Poison)
  • Solar Beam (Grass)

Venusaur appearing in Pokemon Go

Is Venusaur good in Pokemon Go?

Venusaur has long been considered as one of the best Pokemon in Pokemon Go. It has a brilliant move pool to work with, including the standout Frenzy Plant, and has very good bulk for a Grass-type.

Being a dual Grass/Poison-type also works well in Venusaur’s favor, as it gives it resistance against Electric, Fairy, Fighting, Grass, and Water – all of which are common typings in the Go Battle League.

Speaking of the Go Battle League, the Great League is where Venusaur really gets to shine, with key wins against some of the biggest threats like Azumarill, Galarian Stunfisk, Sableye, and Umbreon.


Venusaur can also perform well in the Ultra League – although it’s not as viable as fellow Grass-type starter evolution Meganium – but the Master League is where it starts to falter as its CP doesn’t get high enough.

Outside of the Go Battle League, Venusuar has made a name for itself in PvE, where it serves as one of the best Grass-type attackers for Raid Battles. Its bulky Mega Evolution is also one of the best in the game.

The most important thing to mention here is that Venusaur needs Frenzy Plant to be viable in pretty much any situation in Pokemon Go, so make sure you have it in your moveset.