Underage student uses Charizard Pokemon card to enter bars, passes out after 4 beers

student uses pokemon charizard card to enter barPixabay/Pokemon

An underage student at the University of Georgia claims to have been using a Charizard Pokemon card to enter bars and drink despite not being of legal age.

A Charizard Pokemon card is easily one of the most prestigious out of any pocket monster collectible, and as it turns out, has the ability to get younger students access to bars.

According to a report by The Red & Black, UGAPD officers found an unnamed student unconscious in his dorm room sleeping on top of his roommate.

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After being shaken a couple of times by police, the student eventually woke up disoriented and spilled the beans on his underage drinking hijinks.

Student uses Pokemon card to enter bars and order beer

Once the student came, he told officers that he used a Pokemon card to get into bars, specifying that it was a Charizard.

Interestingly, a 1st Edition Shadowless Base is quite a prestigious item, having sold for a whopping $420,000 at auction.

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It’s unlikely that the student’s card is one and the same, but any Charizard could be enough to tempt those in positions of power.

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Pokemon card high speed chasePixabay
Officers checked up on the student who used Pokemon cards to enter bars.

Unfortunately, the report doesn’t state how he managed to use the card. However, it’s certainly possible that he used it to bribe a bouncer or bartender, due to its value.

The student also said that he had only consumed four beers and had not taken any drugs, but he did have melatonin in his system.

They were eventually paid a visit by Emergency Medical Services, but he refused to go to a hospital and no charges were laid.

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