Uber driver’s Pokemon Go grind strategy blows players away

pokemon go uber driver headerNiantic / Pixabay

One Pokemon Go fan showed off the impressive lengths their Uber driver goes through to get the most out of Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go has a lot of dedicated players throughout the community who log on every day to complete their daily tasks.

However, there are some fans that go above and beyond with their efforts in Pokemon Go, such as trainers who use multiple devices or those who’ve completed the Pokedex for certain Generations.

Now, one Pokemon Go fan and Uber driver has gained traction among the community after a passenger took a picture of their hardcore Pokemon catching set-up, and trainers are blown away.

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Uber driver shows off insane Pokemon Go setup

A post on the Pokemon Go subreddit garnered attention thanks to a picture of one player’s crazy setup. Reddit user cyberpsalm made a post titled “My best friend sent me this photo of her Uber last night,” with a picture that showed the inside of the cab.

Unlike a normal Uber ride, this driver had baskets containing multiple smartphones each with Pokemon Go open. It’s unclear just how many smartphones they had on at once, but the image showed at least six different phones that displayed the same location in the monster-catching mobile game.

Plenty of players were impressed with the Uber driver’s dedication. “He could have done this with spoofing but he’s an honest man working hard lol,” said one fan.

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“New business idea… Goober- the Uber that picks up your phone and walks your eggs/buddies for you,” said a different fan who took note of the benefits of passively playing the game while constantly on the move.

Of course, not every trainer was impressed by the dedication on display. “It’s not illegal but jerks like this ruin the fun of the game. Someone last night went around town and took out all my gyms simultaneously and obviously had two accounts with close to the same name and both in each 12 gyms.”

While this driver’s setup is impressive, it’s always important to be aware of your surrounding while playing Pokemon Go to avoid accidents—both inside and outside of moving vehicles. Trainers should always remember to follow these rules to keep others as safe as possible.

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