Twitch streamer goes into frenzy after catching ultra-rare shiny Pokemon

Sam Comrie
A screenshot of Twitch streamer Calebhart42 and Pokemon.
Twitch: Calebhart42, Pokemon

Catching them all isn’t the easiest task when it comes to Pokemon, and for Twitch streamer Calebhart42, they realized just how much of a grind it is. However, their persistence has paid off in an incredible way. 

Since the release of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl, players have had plenty to sink their teeth into with these glossy remakes. And while most players have been enjoying re-exploring these beloved games, others like Twitch streamer Calebhart42 are on a mission to acquire the best of the best.

Just when all hope was beginning to fade, Calebhart42 happened upon a full-blown miracle.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl Charizard evolution line image
ILCA / The Pokemon Company
Both Pokemon games still retain beloved favorites, bringing the experience to Nintendo Switch.

Astounding Pokemon grind pays off huge

Calebhart42 was ready to throw in the towel, after over 10,000 attempts over the course of a grueling 160 hours to acquire a rare Pokemon. Yet, his efforts paid off immensely, as he managed to catch a shiny Rayquaza. The fabled Pokemon Emerald mascot is a dragon/flying variant of Pokemon introduced in Generation 3.

On attempt 10140, the Twitch streamer exploded with a fit of joy, unable to process that he had finally succeeded. “F**k yes!” he screamed in excitement.  One viewer said “I thought you quit at 10k what changed,” as they found the streamer in his crazed state.

“Imagine quitting at 10K!” another viewer commented, as the streamer had come close to giving up. The event almost felt historic, as one viewer said “And I was here!”

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl were released on November 19, with Dexerto proclaiming it to be “better than the originals.”

Calebhart42 will probably be celebrating this victory for days to come, especially since good luck in Pokemon can be so hard to come by. Just ask this collector, who ended up accidentally destroying a rare Pokemon card in the wash.