Twitch streamer gets Shiny Starter in Pokemon BDSP and didn’t even realize

. 7 months ago
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Twitch streamer ‘Le_nee’ went against all odds by managing to get a shiny starter on her first playthrough of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond. However, her reaction left viewers completely speechless. 

Officially released on November 19, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl has provided fans all around the world with a new look at the Sinnoh region. To kick their stories off, they will be handed a starter Pokemon.

Many trainers try their luck by repeatedly resetting the game until they get a shiny Pokemon, but the odds of snagging one are extremely slim. The chances of getting a shiny starter on BDSP are 1/4096, just to give you an idea of how irregular this is.

When Le_nee started her first playthrough of Brilliant Diamond on November 22, she managed to get a shiny Piplup on her first try. However, her viewers were shocked when she didn’t even realize what happened.

Pokemon in the flowers
Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl released on November 19, 2021.

Twitch streamer gets a shiny starter

As the streamer chose Piplup as her starter, she explained that she thinks all three options are “really cute.” Seconds later, the game places the streamer into her first battle to reveal her very first shiny ‘mon.

Le_nee goes on to explain that the game reminds her of a Pokemon anime episode involving Piplup, and her chat started yelling: “shiny starter!”

Maintaining a straight face, the streamer replied: “Shiny? Really? How do you know?” She added: “So my Piplup is teal and teal is my favorite color!”

As she went on through the proceeding cutscenes, Le_nee’s chat explained to her how “insane” it is to get a shiny starter on her first try. One viewer asked: “Did you know people reset for days to get a shiny starter?”

One example of players resetting to get a shiny would be Linkus7, who reset his game 1,360 times on November 20 before he got his alternate-color Piplup.

Now that her chat has helped her identify shiny Pokemon, Le_nee likely won’t overlook one again.

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