Trippy Palkia glitch in Pokemon Legends Arceus makes it impossible to play

Palkia in Pokemon Legends ArceusGame Freak

A trippy visual glitch found in Pokemon Legends Arceus has caused one player’s screen to distort with a rainbow-like aura.

Game Freak brought the powers of the Distortion World from the 2D graphics of the Sinnoh region in Diamond and Pearl into the fully realized 3D landscape of Hisui in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

Legends Arceus includes a concept called Space-Time Distortions that came to existence through the scattered energy of the aforementioned Distortion World. Here, players were greeted with adamant and rare Pokemon who sometimes included special moves.

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With Palkia, Dialga, and Giratina playing pivotal roles in the game, players were able to experience pieces of the corrupt realm in ways that the trainer had previously only dreamed about.

But this distortion feature has caused some issues for trainers attempting to navigate the strange phenomenon.

Palkia in Pokemon Legends ArceusGame Freak
Players are able to battle Palkia twice in Legends Arceus.

Pokemon Legends Arceus trainer confused by trippy glitch

Redditor SilverPrime78 uploaded a hallucinogenic-esque video to the Pokemon Legends Arceus forum on April 13, 2022.

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The clip shows the player running about in circles. Normal, right? It would be if there weren’t a peculiar aura accompanying the trainer as they ran. SilverPrime78’s player can be seen running as green, orange, and red lights emanate from their person with a gloomy, lavender haze covering their screen.

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One person in the forum comments on the video saying that they wished this happened to them, the Redditor responds and explains how this glitch happened on his journey.

“So, this happened after I completed the Palkia rematch. During the battle, a complete screen with the weird red/green distortions, the screen went wack, and the texture stayed. Didn’t appear in the menus, but did stay when I flew to another area and traveled back to the main village. Went away after I restarted the game. Kinda wish there was a way to turn it back on!”

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While this appears to be an infrequent bug, it’ll be interesting to see if other community members have experiences like this in the coming days. One has to wonder whether Game Freak will release a patch to address the growing number of glitches found in Pokemon Legend Arceus sooner than later.