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Pokemon • Nov 28, 2018

How to Transfer Pokemon from Go to Let's Go

How to Transfer Pokemon from Go to Let's Go

Connecting your Pokemon Let's Go game to Pokemon Go can prove very beneficial. We discuss how to connect and trade between the two Pokemon games...


Pokemon Go is Essential

Completing Pokemon Let's Go in its entirety is dependent upon Pokemon Go. The mythical new additions to the Kanto region, Meltan and Melmetal, can only be obtained through Pokemon mobile game.

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Moreover, if you don't have access to the other variation of Let's Go, that being Pikachu or Eevee, then Pokemon Go is a simple and easy way to get those version exclusive Pokemon.


Complete the Pokedex

The easiest way to complete the Pokedex in Let's Go is to transfer Pokemon over. This is by no means against the rules and is actually encouraged by the game.

After all, it is a feature within the game. It's an intelligent way to get users of either game, playing them both in tandem.

Whether you want to challenge yourself further as a Pokemon trainer and try complete the Pokedex in Let's Go organically, is down to personal preference.


Transfer Requirements

In order to utilise the transfer function between the two games, you'll need to have reached the Go Park in Fuchsia City. The second requirement is that both your Nintendo Switch and phone are in close proximity with Bluetooth turned on.

Connecting to Pokemon Go

Firstly, prepare your phone to connect with the Nintendo Switch. The process is simple. Go into your Pokemon Go settings. Then, click Nintendo Switch, followed by connect. Your desired Nintendo Switch device should be available to connect to, click it.

Getting Pokemon Go ready to connect to the Nintendo Switch. (From the official Pokemon page)

Preparing your Switch is also a straight forward task. Go into your settings by clicking Y on the main menu. Select "Open Pokemon Go settings". Follow the on screen instructions further, making sure the Pokemon Go account you connect with is the correct trainer ID.

Setting up your Nintendo Switch to connect with Pokemon Go. (From the official Pokemon page)

Transferring from Pokemon Go

You can transfer up to 50 Pokemon at a time! Before we detail the process of transferring them it is important to note the you cannot transfer these Pokemon back to Go.

Transfer Instructions

Within the Pokemon Go app go to the main menu and click the Pokemon icon. From there tap the Nintendo Switch icon. This indicates you want to transfer Pokemon to Let's Go.

Select the Pokemon (up to 50) and follow the rest of the instructions to initiate the transfer.

Retrieving the Trades in Pokemon Let's Go

The Pokemon have been sent and now it's time to get them! You can find them in the new Pokemon Go Park. This is a replacement of Safari Zone which was found in the older Pokemon games.

  1. Go to the Pokemon Go Park complex
  2. Select one of the Go Parks (the number indicates the current number of Pokemon there)
  3. Follow the remaining instructions to get the selected Pokemon sent to the Go Park

Go into the Go Park, encounter your Pokemon and capture it for use within the Pokemon Let's Go game.

Alolan Pokemon

There are 100s of Pokemon available in Pokemon Go, spanning through the first four generations. Of course, with Let's Go being a Kanto region game you can only transfer the first 151 Pokemon (plus Meltan and Melmetal). However, you can also transfer the Alola forms of the first 151 Pokemon! This, along with in game trading with NPCs, is the only way to obtain them.

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Pokemon Let's Go Tips

For more Pokemon Let's Go tips and more, follow our Pokemon Twitter page.

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