Trainer finds perfect modern way to play old Pokemon GBA and DS games

Despite being more than 15 years old, a common pastime for trainers is to play through some of the old Pokemon games. There is now a modern way to do so, which makes playing through these classics even more enjoyable!

They are some of the most iconic games for a reason. The likes of Pokemon Fire Red/Leaf Green on the GBA and, of course, Pokemon Diamond/Pearl on the DS are still revered to this day.

Not everyone has a Nintendo Gameboy Advance or DS to hand, however. Besides, in 2020 there is a serious debate as to whether these are even the best way to play the games.

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Galaxy devices

A lot of you will remember the ‘better’ version of the GBA, the Gameboy Advance SP. There is actually a phone that is the spitting image of it – the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

Galaxy Z Flip PokemonReddit (user deleted)
The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip in action playing Pokemon Emerald.

The design of it makes it the perfect device to play GBA games on. That’s unless having actual buttons is a big deal to you. Alternatively, you can just plug in a controller but this is obviously different to the original Gameboy experience.

Given its design it would also be great to play Nintendo DS games on. However, there is another device that is garnering Pokemon trainer’s attention – the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2.

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It allows you to split the DS screen perfectly but given the length of each side of the fold, it will stretch the image a lot. However, this seems to work for the low pixel count these old Nintendo handhelds provide, though.

Galaxy Fold 2 Pokemonu/rtwm1998
Who else wants to play some Nintendo DS Pokemon games again?!

Unfortunately, these phones will remain a pipedream for a lot of players as they are very expensive. The Galaxy Z Flip released in early 2020 and still costs in excess of $1,000. Meanwhile, the Galaxy Fold 2 is even more expensive having released in September of 2020, it retails for more than $2,000!

ROMs are a legal grey area

There is uncertainty regarding the legality of playing ROMs. Over the years as technology has evolved, they have become increasingly popular.

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It is generally thought that if you own the actual game itself, then you have a legal right to download the game’s ROM. However, this may be a misconception.

Emulators are legal but ROMs aren’t, at least according to this source. They claim as long as you “dump” the game from the cartridge itself to your computer then it is above board.

To avoid breaking the law, we recommend you do your own research into this area before downloading Pokemon (or any other) game ROMs.