Top 5 most brutal Pokemon interactions in New Pokemon Snap

Swampert fighting Leafeon in New Pokemon SnapThe Pokemon Company / Twitter: @triforcemeg

New Pokemon Snap has many encounters that show just how savage the Pokemon world actually is when it comes to their natural habitat. From ‘mon attacking each other to creatures becoming a part of the food chain, here are the Nintendo Switch title’s most brutal moments.

After originally being announced in 2020, Pokemon fans around the world were in awe of New Pokemon Snap’s gorgeous graphics. Characters scattered across the Lental region never looked this good before in the series’ 25 year history. In April 2021, a trailer surprised fans when it showed a Magikarp being violently snatched up by a Pidgeot for food.

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The clip went viral online after showing off just how terrifying Pokemon can actually be in the wild. Yes, survival of the fittest is actually thing in the usually cheerful RPG franchise. Now that the title is finally out, we have compiled a list of the the game’s most brutal moments.

Top 5 savage Pokemon encounters in New Pokemon Snap

#5: Sharpedo hunting Squirtle

Sharpedo chasing Squirtle in New Pokemon SnapThe Pokemon Company / Twitter: @triforcemeg
Sharpedo is hungry.

While cruising the gorgeous seaside of Maricopia Reef during the daytime, players can spot a Squirtle playfully soaking up the sun. The lovable Gen I starter’s relaxing dip in the water quickly turns dangerous as a Sharpedo launches out of nowhere and tries to hunt it down.

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With its massive sharp teeth clamping down, the blue turtle is nearly moments away from being added to the predator’s menu. This scary moment ranks last on our list since fortunately Squirtle manages to hop on the back of a Lapras who scares off the blood-thirsty shark.

#4: Trubbish poisons Eevee

Trubbish poisoning Eevee in New Pokemon SnapThe Pokemon Company / Twitter: @triforcemeg
Poor Eevee.

While exploring the Research Lab during the day, you will eventually come across a Trubbish and Eevee enjoying each other’s company on a wooden table. However, their adorable exchange quickly turns ugly after the tiny trash ‘mon is hit with a Fluffruit.

Getting hit by the food makes the Gen V ‘mon discharge a cloud of poisonous spray directly into the popular Kanto creature’s face. Almost immediately, the poor Eevee scrunches up its face and prepares to pass out. This moment is largely the player’s fault, though – after all, a perfectly aimed Fluffruit can be quite dangerous. Shame on you.

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#3: Frillish drags Magikarp down to the depths

Frillish grabbing Magikarp in New Pokemon SnapThe Pokemon Company / Twitter: @triforcemeg
Magikarp doesn’t have much luck in New Pokemon Snap.

Diving deep below the Lental Seafloor, players truly get to see the tropical wonders of the Pokemon universe in all of its glory. From unique coral life to vibrant colored fish, the level is a sight to be seen.

Players who dare to explore the dark caverns hidden within the level will find themselves horrified when they discover a Frillish dragging a poor Magikarp to its untimely demise. It’s just that blank smile on the jellyfish’s face that really makes it all the more creepy.

#2: Sobble tear-gasses Leafeon

Sobble crying next to Leafeon in New Pokemon SnapThe Pokemon Company / Twitter: @triforcemeg
Sobble’s tears are a toxic hazard.

As you make your way through the lush green trees of the Founja Jungle, you will get the chance to photograph many exotic Pokemon. And towards the end of the level, there is way to take a hidden route which will send you behind a waterfall.

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Here you will see an adorable Sobble playing with a Leafeon. If you pelt the Gen 8 starter with a Fluffruit, however, it will start crying which immediately sprays chemicals into the Eeveelution’s eyes. According to the Galar Pokedex, Sobble’s tears are as strong as 100 onions. Congratulations – you just burned Leafeon’s poor retinas, you monster.

#1: Pidgeot snatches up Magikarp

Pidgeto snatching Magikarp in New Pokemon SnapThe Pokemon Company / Twitter: @triforcemeg
Magikarp is literally fish food.

Last but certainly not least is Pidgeot swooping down from the sky to snatch a defenseless Magikarp up with its sharp claws. The moment went viral back when a trailer was released in April by The Pokemon Company.

The horrific moment is far worse in the final version of the game, however. The shockingly brutal moment quickly turns your sunny stroll through the Florio Nature Park into a nightmare. It truly is the survival of the fittest.

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