The problem with Mega Evolution in Pokemon Go


Mega Evolutions have been in Pokemon Go for less than a week but already trainers are questioning whether they’re of any use.

Most of you will know exactly what Mega Evolution entails but the short version, for those that don’t, is it significantly boosts that Pokemon’s stats. In some instances, even changing its typing too.

By their nature, Mega Evolutions are a temporary phenomenon. This means Niantic has the unenviable task of trying to balance that temporary nature while also making it worthwhile for trainers to put the effort into making their Pokemon Mega Evolve.

If they were permanent, then they would be too powerful and change the previously set rules. However, if they last for too short a span of time, then they fall short of being worthwhile.

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“What are these Mega Pokemon even good for?”

Well, they’re super powerful Pokemon, that where eligible will help you tremendously. To put it in perspective, Mega Charizard Y, for example, has 32 base stats more than Mewtwo.

The problem is Mega Evolution Pokemon can’t be used everywhere. They’re currently unavailable in GO Battle League where they would have their most use. That is another balancing act in of itself.

Obviously they would provide benefit in Raid Battles and taking down gyms but many trainers have teams ready for this anyway. Therefore, the benefit is somewhat marginal.

” I don’t really need them to take over a gym, I have hundreds of Pokemon for that,” one Pokemon Go player shared on Reddit. This is a sentiment likely shared by many others as well.

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There is also the issue of the effort required to gather Mega Energy – the consumable item used to cause the Mega Evolution. It isn’t easy to gather, so, naturally, trainers are reluctant to waste it should it not be worth doing so.

This had led to two schools of thought among trainers. One, go through the Mega Energy in order to complete the ‘Mega Dex’.

The second, which seems a bit more astute, is to save the Mega Energy in case Niantic make any alterations to how Mega Evolution works. It may also pay dividends when they finally come to GO Battle League.

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Niantic is probably still working out the best way to add the new feature to PvP to make sure the balancing is right. Until then, Mega Evolutions are in an awkward place within the mobile game.