The Pokemon Company finally responds to anti-Nuzlocke claims

Pokemon Company responds to Nuzlocke criticismThe Pokemon Company

The Pokemon Company has given a response on Nuzlocke challenges following shocking claims from former Nintendo Minute YouTube hosts. The hosts had stated the company saw Nuzlockes as “on the same level as using a hacked game”.

In a recent social media post, The Pokemon Company came under scrutiny following claims made in the Kit and Krysta Podcast. In the podcast, former Nintendo Minute Hosts Kit Ellis and Krysta Yang detailed a time when they approached the company with a desire to feature the “Nuzlocke” challenges in an episode.

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The hosts explained that The Pokemon Company reacted strongly against the idea of Nuzlocke challenges – a series of player-enforced rules used to make standard gameplay more challenging – stating the company felt they were on the same level as ROM hacking. They even indicated they feared for the safety of their jobs during the interaction.

However, after being backed by Pokemon icons like webmaster Joe Merrick, The Pokemon Company itself has come forward with a statement regarding its stance on Nuzlockes.

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The Pokemon Company does not condemn Nuzlockes

Despite the experiences detailed by Ellis and Yang, The Pokemon Company has come forward and issued a statement to Eurogamer. The response reads, “The Pokémon Company International does not have any issues with fans or creators playing the video games with Nuzlocke rules”.

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While the statement doesn’t address the podcast, or the claims made by the former Nintendo Minute hosts, it does clear up The Pokemon Company’s current opinions of Nuzlocke gameplay.

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Many fans have speculated there was likely confusion or miscommunication somewhere in the process of the Nintendo Minute episode proposal. Nuzlockes are playable on any standard Pokemon base game, but they are also well-known for being a part of fan-made and hacked games as well.

It is possible The Pokemon Company only knew of their existence from the hacked games seen on streams, though this speculation can’t be confirmed at this time.

Regardless, those worried about The Pokemon Company’s views of Nuzlocke gameplay can rest assured, that the gaming franchise does not look down on or condemn the challenges, and they are perfectly safe to engage with on authentic copies of any Pokemon title.

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