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The debate about Pokemon Go’s Raid Passes rages on

Published: 7/May/2020 16:14

by Paul Cot


Remote Raid Passes may have given trainers the ability to participate in Raid Battles from home in Pokemon Go, but many have highlighted a flaw in how they work.

Despite Niantic making Remote Raid Passes very cheap (at least the first four of them you buy), trainers have quickly realized just how valuable they can be. It’s one thing wasting a Pass when you don’t win a Raid but it’s another altogether when you don’t even get the chance to.

If you put down your Raid Pass every time you want to do a five-star Raid Battle, the chances are it will be wasted. If no other trainers join you, it’s as good as gone.


Raid Battle Lobby WaitingTrainers will be all too familiar waiting in a Raid Battle lobby for others to join…

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The alternative is to wait until someone else joins first. However, by the time you flick between different gyms and wait to see another trainer already entered, you may miss them or just waste the entirety of the Raid Battle countdown waiting.

Make Raid Passes returnable

This has led for calls for Raid Passes to be returned if you don’t enter the battle. The problem is the current system will throw you into battle no matter how many trainers have joined you (even zero), so an additional prompt would need to be added.

“It’s ridiculous that a raid pass gets used when you enter the lobby, and not when you actually complete the raid,” alphafirestar said on Reddit. “Why would I buy a remote pass and gamble on a bunch of randos checking the lobby and joining me?”


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The Pokemon Go trainer makes a fair point and their sentiment is being echoed throughout the community. It’s an issue that is amplified for rural players as well, as the chances of wasting it only increase.

More waiting than playing

Fans will have contrasting opinions on whether a Raid Pass should be consumed only if you win or when you participate in a Raid with a reasonable number of trainers in. The former is unlikely however, as Niantic, whether we want to accept it or not, obviously want trainers to go through Raid Passes as frequently as possible. After all, they are a revenue spinner.


However, many trainers argue something does need to change because, at the moment, the vast majority of trainers’ time is spent trying to find Raids rather than playing them.

Then again, this keeps players on the Pokemon Go app for longer periods of time – something which Niantic won’t dislike. It will be interesting to see how this plays out but trainers’ feelings on the matter are clear.