The best items in Pokemon Legends Arceus you (probably) aren’t using

pokemon legends arceus items you should be usingThe Pokemon Company

Pokemon Legends Arceus has made drastic changes to nearly every aspect of the 25-year-old franchise, including the addition of some incredibly useful items you might be overlooking.

The internet is ablaze as Pokemon Legends Arecus takes over Twitch, Twitter, and every social media outlet in between. While it may be a glorified catching simulator, the attention to detail is prevalent in the game’s capturing and battling mechanics.

Being a very different take on the classic monster collector, there is a lot to discover and learn. Where certain rare ‘mon spawn or where the best places are to farm crafting materials are just the icing on this delicious exploratory cake.

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In fact, one of the most overlooked aspects is the new items the game provides. This list will break down some of these new tools and why you should be using them in Hisui if you aren’t already.

Grit Dust, Gravel, Pebbles & Rocks

pokemon legends arceus grit items

The Grit items aren’t a necessity, but they can make your life a lot easier if used properly. Heck, you’re given these items quite frequently by characters or Pokemon you release, you might as well put them to use. But what are they?

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One of the most confusing systems in previous Pokemon titles were EVs and IVs. These convoluted and sometimes random assortments of numbers needed to be perfect for your team to be in top form. Luckily, Legends Arceus throws these out and introduces the Effort Level system.

However, you may not know how to increase your ‘mon’s ELs. All you need to do is simply use the Grit items to increase a specific EL. Each tier of Grit items can increase an EL up to three times before having to move on to the next tier.

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Check your inventory, you may have a handful of these items already. You can use them to increase your Pokemon’s attack, defense, speed, or HP stats. But you might already know this because the NPCs talk about it a lot. So let’s move on to something a little more obscure.

Mud Balls, Spoiled Apricorns, & Sticky Globs

pokemon legends arceus stun items

Mud Balls and Spoiled Apricorns are items you’re likely going to be collecting passively as you farm crafting materials. Not only are they semi-easy to come by, but they’re also one of the most useful tools in the game.

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It can be a little frustrating when a Pokemon targets you and have to run away or battle them in order to catch them. But with these throwable items, you can stun enraged (or even docile) ‘mon for a few seconds. This gives players an opening to toss another ball or sneak around for an effective back strike.

Mud Balls and Spoiled Apricorns are available from the start, but you won’t find them in mass quantities like other crafting supplies. However, you can buy the crafting recipe for Sticky Globs which can be crafted using Caster Ferns.

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Whether you’re rolling up on an aggressive monster, or want to stop an Alpha in its tracks, you should be using these throwable weapons.

Smoke Bombs

pokemon legends arceus smoke bombs

Stealth is a major mechanic in Legends Arceus, and it’s one that some may not be using as much as they should. Tall grass is great for cover when creeping up on wild Pokemon, but sometimes it’s not where you need it to be.

Enter, Smoke Bomb. You get the recipe to craft these during the story, but you can also buy them from the Ginko Guil members in Jubilife. And they work exactly how you’d assume they would.

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If there’s no grass nearby, or you just need to extend your cover a few more inches, use a smoke bomb. You can shroud yourself in smoke and stay completely hidden from wild monsters.

It is a little odd that no ‘mon are alerted after a large smoke cloud appears out of thin air. However, if you are spotted and return to the smoke cloud, it won’t provide you with any cover.

Scatter Bangs

pokemon legends arceus scatter bangs

With the number of people using the new Outbreak method to hunt Shiny Pokemon, it’s wild that more of them aren’t using Scatter Bangs. You get the crafting recipe for these as soon as you enter the third area, and they are pretty easy to craft.

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A Scatter Bang is basically a firecracker that scares away weaker monsters. This is great for clearing out areas that are highly populated with small yet aggressive enemies. Think Shinx, Combee, or Murkrow.

This item particularly shines when using Outbreaks to hunt Shinies. You need to clear out waves of Pokemon and Scatter Bangs are the perfect tools to use. Instead of throwing four or more Poke Balls, one Scatter Bang clears out all four creatures.

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The only downside is that this doesn’t work on Alphas or higher-level ‘mon. It would be great to use this item to clear out spawns all across the map, but you have to learn which monsters will run away and which will stand their ground and fight.

Stealth Spray

pokemon legends arceus stealth spray

Lastly, Stealth Spray has to be one of the most overlooked items in Hisui, and maybe that’s its own fault. Essentially, players mask themselves in a familiar scent to wild Pokemon making them less likely to be spotted.

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Stealth Spray makes players quieter and harder for wild ‘mon to detect. This is great when entering areas where you want to catch a specific Pokemon without altering other closeby creatures.

A perfect example is when you want to capture a Teddiursa but don’t want to alert the nearby Alpha Ursaring. Spritz up with some Stealth Spray and crouch walk over to without the fear that you’ll be targeted by every mon in the immediate area.

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Pokemon Legends Arceus gives players an arsenal of items that allow for experimentation. Combining two or more of these items turns what would be a simple catching simulator into a robust strategy game.