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Terrifying Pokemon mod turns Sword & Shield’s Pokeball Guy into Max Raid

Published: 6/Jan/2020 23:26

by Brent Koepp


A Pokemon mod turns Sword & Shield’s infamous Pokeball Guy into a Max Raid battle, transforming the mysterious mascot into pure nightmare fuel that will give anyone nightmares.

Pokemon Sword and Shield released in 2019, and the community has taken to many elements in the game, with Pokeball Guy being one of the more bizarre additions to the eighth generation RPG title.

However, one curious fan dared to ask the question “what would the mascot look like as a Max Raid battle?” and made it a reality with a hilariously terrifying mod that will make fans shiver.

The Pokemon Company / Game FreakImagine this guy as a towering Max Raid battle… Scary, isn’t it?

Horrifying Pokeball Guy mod

Pokeball Guy was first introduced in Sword & Shield, and helps promote Galar region’s League by handing out free balls to trainers. The mysterious mascot quickly became a fan favorite to meme on.

YouTuber ‘ProsafiaGaming‘ posted the hilarious mod on his channel on January 5 with the description “This video shows what happens if Ball Guy was a Pokemon and a fightable Den Raid Boss.”

The modder used Machoke’s model to swap out with Pokeball Guy, and has the character towering over four brave trainers as they try to take the mad mascot down. The video even sees the mascot perform every single Dynamax Move in the game.

Prosafia has a history of creating mods similar to this, and even released a hilarious clip that shows fans what it would be like if PokeBall Guy was the Galar League champion.

In the second video, we see a full match play out between the trainer and the mascot – except he’s using all the moves and animations of Champion Leon as he faces off in the game’s final league battle.

The gaming channel is dedicated to making creative videos documenting popular titles, and has amassed over 2.2 million subscribers with its unique content.

Despite some backlash from fans over the Game Freak reusing assets, Sword & Shield went on to smash records, selling over six million units in its opening weekend.

Pokemon continues to deliver for Nintendo, as the eighth generation Pokemon title had the best month for the franchise in sales in December, according to the tracking site NPD.


Pokemon player brings Diamond & Pearl to Super Mario Galaxy with epic mod

Published: 18/Nov/2020 0:53

by Brent Koepp


A talented artist wowed the Pokemon community when they recreated Diamond & Pearl in Super Mario Galaxy. The epic crossover reimagines the Sinnoh region like never before and is truly out of this world.

The Pokemon franchise entered its fourth generation with the debut of Diamond & Pearl in 2007. The RPG introduced players to the Sinnoh Region for the very first time.

Despite releasing over a decade ago, the Nintendo DS title is loved by the community. One fan celebrated the game by remaking it in HD using Super Mario Galaxy.

Screenshot of Pokemon Diamond & Pearl mod in Super Mario Galaxy.
YouTube: RiazorMC / Game Freak
A Pokemon fan recreated Diamond & Pearl in Super Mario Galaxy.

Pokemon fan brings Diamond & Pearl to Super Mario Galaxy

Over the last three years, Pokemon fans have desperately been wanting Game Freak to remake the Gen IV RPG. A creative fan took things into their own hands and reimagined the DS title using mods in Super Mario Galaxy.

Popular modder ‘RiazorMC’ shared their mind-blowing creation on their YouTube channel. The November 14 video shows Nintendo’s lovable Italian plumber mascot exploring and running around an HD version of Diamond & Pearl’s region.

Incredibly, the artist has basically recreated the entire Sinnoh region. From Twinleaf Town to Route 223, Mario dashes across the Gen IV map until reaching the Pokemon League to claim their star for becoming Champion.

Impressively, Riazor has faithfully kept the DS title’s retro graphics while turning it into an HD landscape. Not only does the mod faithfully capture iconic locations, but Mario is even able to walk through caves and swim up waterfalls.

As the community continue to wait desperately for Game Freak to re-make Diamond & Pearl, we have mods like this to give us a taste of what it could be like to one day revisit Sinnoh on the Nintendo Switch.

In 2021, Pokemon is set to celebrate its 25th anniversary. While nothing has been announced yet by the Japanese developer, fans are still holding out hope that we will possibly get a remake of the beloved DS release.