Terrifying Pokemon Legends Arceus trailer shows how Pokemon will attack people

pokemon legends arceus garachomp boss battle

Some new gameplay footage from Pokemon Legends Arceus has emerged, and players are freaking out over the terrifying boss battles.

Pokemon Legends Arceus is looking to flip the popular monster-collecting franchise on its head. With a series of massive open spaces and a seamless transition between exploration and battles, Legends Arceus ushers Pokemon into a new era.

One of the most notable changes is that players are now vulnerable to a Pokemon’s attacks. Players can actually take damage themselves and be sent to the PokeCenter if they lose too much health.

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This can happen while fighting low-level Pokemon, or while fighting one of the game’s numerous bosses. New footage has been shown of the boss battles, and it has players excited but also terrified.

Pokemon Legends Arceus bosses are out for blood

Pokemon Legends Arceus Frenzied Kleavor ScreenshotGame Freak / The Pokemon Company
Frenzied Pokemon are special encounters in Legends Arceus.

On January 6, the Nintendo Japan YouTube channel released an introductory video to Pokemon Legends Arceus. While it overviewed a lot of the mechanics players are already aware of, it did show some new clips of Pokemon attacking the player.

After seeing enraged Pokemon like Garachomp, Snorlax, and Hisuian Zoroark go all out; players took to Twitter to express their excitement.

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Some users were excited to be able to go toe to toe with Pokemon. One comment read: “I can’t believe we finally get a game where Pokemon just straight up beat the sh*t out of you.” Another stated, “Can’t wait to go body to body with a Snorlax.”

Others seem a bit scared of how powerful these bosses seem. “THE POKEMON ARE TRYING TO KILL YOU????” stated one user. “I’m sorry, but I would cry if I saw a Snorlax lunging at me.”

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After the new look at Legends Arceus, the game is starting to draw comparisons to Dark Souls and Monster Hunter. And these comparisons are valid seeing the intense new boss battles.

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