Terrible Pokemon Legends Arceus glitch lets players break game just by walking

pokemon legends arceus irida

Pokemon Legends Arceus players have found an unexplainable glitch that breaks the game’s graphics just by walking in circles.

With Pokemon Legends Arceus taking the franchise away from its roots and being one of Game Freak’s most ambitious projects yet, there were bound to be a few hiccups in the code.

Recently, a player discovered their Lilligant had become a Noble Pokemon after a rematch, something that the devs likely never intended to happen. And other players have encountered a bug that causes Pokemon to get stuck in trees.

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Now, a glitch has surfaced that’s just as confusing as it is amusing. By circling a select NPC, players can cause objects in the environment to grow to unbelievable sizes.

The most confusing glitch in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Reddit user Bill_4780 posted a video of the glitch to the r/pokemon subreddit. As he ran circles around Pearl Clan leader Irida, an NPC in the background began to have a wardrobe malfunction.

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With every lap, the NPC’s hood would grow in size. In the video Bill posted, the hood grew so large it clipped through the ground and covered the entire nearby camp.

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“Apparently spinning around Irida is still a weird situation.” stated Bill before commenting, “I saw a similar vid a few months back, I thought it would be patched up by now but that wasn’t the case.”

This glitch seemingly only happens when Irida can be found in the Alabaster Icelands. In testing, Dexerto found that the environment did not seem to be affected when Irida is in the Crimson Mirelands.

Players are having a hard time coming up with reasons why the glitch would occur. It doesn’t happen when circling other NPCs, and seemingly only affects the single NPC’s hood in the Icelands.

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