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Team Rocket are taking over Pokemon Go this weekend

Published: 5/Mar/2020 20:20

by Paul Cot


A massive Team Rocket take-over is coming to Pokemon Go. We don’t know the full extent of their plans yet but something big is coming!

The event will begin Friday, March 6, 8am and finish Monday, March 9, 10pm local time. “The professor and team leaders have been following Team GO Rocket’s movements and noticed that they’re planning something big,” the official Pokemon Go blog revealed.

Whether the “something big” Team Rocket are planning is specifically for this event or if it is something that will continue beyond hasn’t yet been made clear. Elsewhere, changes have been made to the strength of Shadow Pokemon, something which some trainers aren’t best pleased with.

The March reward for defeating Giovanni is the legendary Pokemon, Entei…

Team Rocket event

We do know the following will be happening as part of the event, though:

  • Poison and Dark-type Pokemon will be appearing more frequently in the wild
  • Other Pokemon related to Team GO Rocket will be appearing more often too
  • Notably one of these is Absol, the Disaster Pokemon
  • Skorupi’s shiny form will be released for the event

There is an event within this event, too. In what is a little similar to the Community Day structure, additional changes will occur between 2pm and 5pm local time on Saturday, March 7. This three-hour window relates more to Team Rocket’s plans than changes to the Pokemon Go environment.

The following will be happening during this mini-event of sorts:

  • Team GO Rocket leaders Arlo, Cliff and Sierra – and even Giovanni himself – will be easier to find at PokeStops
  • Rescued Shadow Pokemon will have a chance of being shiny – “you’ll be able to rescue all six of the Shadow Pokémon that Trainers have seen left behind by the Team GO Rocket Leaders”
  • When using a Charged TM you’ll be able to change Shadow Pokemon’s default Charge Move Frustration
  • Twice as much Stardust can be earned by defeating the leaders or Giovanni
  • As a special bonus, the Team GO Rocket music will be playing throughout the event

As we said above it isn’t abundantly clear whether the big changes in store for Team Rocket are the ones in this event. We’ll have to wait and see whether Niantic have anything in mind in the coming weeks.


Pokemon players furious over Crown Tundra’s “confusing” release time

Published: 22/Oct/2020 19:10 Updated: 22/Oct/2020 19:22

by Brent Koepp


Pokemon Sword & Shield is set to get its second DLC, The Crown Tundra, on October 22. However, players have become outraged over the expansion’s muddled release time.

For Pokemon’s eighth generation release, Sword & Shield, Game Freak opted out of a third game in favor of an Expansion Pass. And on October 22, the Nintendo Switch title is set to get its second DLC, The Crown Tundra.

Or at least, it was supposed to. However, the new content won’t be coming out on that day for many Trainers around the world. Fans have become outraged over the add-on’s confusing release schedule.

pokemon the crown tundra promo image
Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
The Crown Tundra DLC was announced as coming out on October 22, but it’s complicated.

Pokemon Crown Tundra release time sparks anger

In September, The Pokemon Company finally gave the Sword & Shield DLC a firm release date after months of anticipation. The expansion was marketed as releasing on October 22 in a reveal trailer that showed off new footage.

However as the Crown Tundra’s launch drew near, confusion began to spread among players who weren’t exactly sure when new content would go live on the Switch. As the 22nd finally rolled around, fans of the series took to social media to voice their frustration.

Trainers hit out Nintendo’s lack of a clear release schedule, such as one user who exclaimed, “Wish Nintendo would at least give people an exact release time. It can’t be that hard to do.” Another fan agreed and tweeted, “Could Game Freak/TPC be any more unclear with when the Crown Tundra is coming? Seriously? How hard is it to just… Give a time of release?”

angry pokemon tweets
Pokemon players were confused by the DLC’s release time.

At the time of writing, Nintendo still has not given a release time officially. However based on when the Home app is going down for maintenance, it is now believed that the DLC will drop at 9PM PST on the 22nd, and 12:00PM EST / 05:00 BST the next day. That means over half of the world won’t get it until the 23rd.

This, of course, did not sit well with many in the Pokemon community. “Don’t know why you told us the crown tundra would be out on the 22, when in reality its going to be the 23rd. So why kick us in the d**k like that,” one person said. Another Twitter user echoed a similar frustration, exclaiming, “oh f**k off i have to wait another day for crown tundra.”

angry pokemon tweets
Some fans were angry over the DLC releasing on October 23 instead of the promised 22nd.

It wasn’t just fans that were confused by the DLC’s release schedule, even media outlets were left  in the dark by Nintendo’s lack of clarity on the content’s launch time. Joe Merrick of popular Pokemon outlet Serebii addressed the confusion in a tweet on October 22.

In comparison, the Isle of Armor made its debut early in the morning on its scheduled release date – making the Crown Tundra’s launch all the more baffling.

Anger and confusion aside, it appears most of the world will finally get their hands on the Sword & Shield expansion on October 23, which was not the date that the company has been promoting.