Sykkuno destroys Fuslie’s whole party with one Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet

Sykkuno at his streaming setup.Twitch: Sykkuno

The Pokemon Scarlet & Violet showdown between Fuslie and Sykkuno was a mismatch from turn one and a total party wipe was never in doubt.

As most fans know, being an elite Pokemon Trainer takes a whole lot of brainpower and careful planning. Things have to be meticulously curated if you want to be the very best like no one ever was.

While Fuslie has shown off her intelligence before, it’s safe to say she was thoroughly outmaneuvered by Sykkuno this time around after he got a Garchomp into the fight to kick things off for their in-house tournament.

Sykkuno’s Garchomp destroys Fuslie’s whole party in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Things started out slow as the two traded off non-damaging moves. Leslie’s Glimmora opted to get some terrain advantage with Stealth Rock, but that only gave Garchomp enough time to work up a free Swords Dance.

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The next turn went much the same except it was Toxic Spikes instead of Stealth Rock. By this point, Fuslie realized she was in for some trouble but didn’t have a great answer for her mistake. She opted for a Dragapult but it was all too late to make a difference.

Between Dragon Claw and Earthquake all she could do was watch as her team got disposed of one by one.

After Dragapult came Tinkaton, Gardevoir Glimmora, Tyranitar, and finally Houndstone to round things out. None of these ‘Mon managed to make it more than one attack (other than a wasted Swords Dance from Sykkuno) and things came to a quick conclusion from there.

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It was a brutal scene but served as an incredibly entertaining opening-round matchup for the bigger Roomies tournament competition.

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