Strange Pokemon Go glitch turns Mewtwo into a berry

Pokemon Go Berry GlitchPokemon Go

Mewtwo has suffered the indignity of living life as a berry thanks to a newly-discovered and odd Pokemon Go glitch.

It’s fairly common for Pokemon Go players to happen across some funny or weird bug as they trek through the great outdoors searching for a Shiny.

This often happens when something new is added to the game that doesn’t quite work as it was intended to and has to be patched. For instance, in December 2022 players found that the Holiday Hat was glitching so it appeared to be flying off the screen.

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With innocuous glitches like this, players are more than willing to just have a laugh together and marvel at the weirdness. That was the case for a recent glitch involving the powerful Pokemon Mewtwo.

Mewtwo turns into a berry thanks to Pokemon Go glitch

While searching through their pack for a berry to feed to their Zigazoon, one trainer on Reddit found something amiss with their Golden Razz Berry.

Instead of the usual icon, a blackberry-shaped golden berry, they found a miniature Mewtwo icon instead.

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Jokingly that “new berries just dropped”, the player shared the weird glitch and got plenty of laughs out of Pokemon Go fans.

“That’s one tough Zigzagoon if it can just devour Mewtwo’s,” one commentor quipped.

Golden Razz Berries will not only increase a player’s chances of catching a wild Pokemon, but they can also be used on a Pokemon assigned to a Gym to fully recover its motivation meter.

It’s not clear whether this glitch impacts the functionality of the berries, but it certainly provided some chuckles.

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