Strange Pokemon Go glitch is turning Nosepass into a Shiny Boldore

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A Pokemon Go player encountered an unexpected glitch that turned their normal Nosepass into a Shiny Boldore.

Pokemon Go players often run into bizarre visual glitches that change the texture of the in-game models. This was recently showcased on Reddit after a user’s Jynx became a terrifying horror.

This glitch also has its benefits as it can sometimes give Pokemon an alternate color scheme that players prefer to its actual Shiny form. Sadly, the glitch usually fixes itself after the player closes their game or catches the Pokemon.

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Nonetheless, a PoGo player recently encountered one of the best instances of this glitch that made an everyday Nosepass look like a Shiny Boldor… well sort of.

Roggenrola Community dayNiantic

Nosepass turns into Shiny Boldore in Pokemon Go glitch

On September 19, Reddit user Cherry-lover-14 shared a couple of Pokemon Go screenshots showcasing an incredible glitch. A wild Nosepass’ navy blue texture had been replaced by a different Pokemon’s.

Cherry’s Nosepass wore the skin of a Shiny Boldore, arguably a rarer find than the Shiny itself.

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But to the trainer’s dismay, the Nosepass did not keep its Shiny facade after it had been caught. A second screenshot revealed that Nosepass had turned completely black – as if it were missing a texture – when inside the player’s storage.

Since the most recent community day – September 18 to be exact – featured Shiny Roggenrola, there’s likely no shortage of domesticated Shinies. But so far, there has only been one report of a Nosepass cosplaying as the featured Community Day Pokemon.

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And since this glitch seemingly pulls random textures to replace existing ones, we may never see a glitch quite like this again.

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