Star Wars & Knives Out director sparks Pokemon Go frenzy after revealing his stats

pokemon go and star wars director rian johnsonGage Skidmore / Niantic

Pokemon Go is a worldwide game enjoyed by millions of players per year, but now that Rian Johnson – Star Wars and Knives Out director – has revealed he’s a big fan, everybody wants his friend code. 

The world of Star Wars and Pokemon couldn’t be any more different. In one, there’s a Pokedex full of different Pokemon to discover in each region, while the other features different planets with a sci-fi theme.

However, it looks like there’s one famous Hollywood director that likes to dabble in both – and is playing the mobile game during its fifth-anniversary event.

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Rian Johnson, who has directed on Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Breaking Bad, and Knives Out, revealed on July 9 that he was also a big fan of Pokemon Go, sending out a screenshot to his 1 million-strong following on Twitter.

Pokemon Go Fest 2021Niantic
Pokemon Go Fest is bringing players together, such as fans and even big Hollywood directors.

Star Wars & Breaking Bad director plays Pokemon Go

While on set in Greece, the director tweeted: “Excited to share this exclusive pic from our set. These early morning shoots can be hard but one look at that magical dawn light in Greece and it’s so worth it.”

Players react to Rian Johnson’s tweet

As expected, it didn’t take long for his replies to be absolutely booming with friend codes – on the off chance he’ll add them as a buddy in-game.

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The tweet, at the time of writing, has racked up almost 10,000 likes and over 170 responses.

One fan said: “I’m trying to get gifts from other countries and I don’t have Greece yet,” along with their code. Another tweeted: “I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited at the possibility of doing a legendary raid with one of my favorite directors,” trying to set up a raid with him.

A lot of Pokemon Go players took a moment to laud his stats as well, with the screenshot showing off an impressive Level 42. As seasoned veterans of the game will know already, it takes a long grind to get to that point.

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There was one fan, though, that looked into the finer details: “The fact that you have Noibat as your buddy just makes you 100x cooler.”

Whether or not any of them will have a chance to take part in Pokemon Go Raids with Johnson remains to be seen, but shooting your shot can’t hurt.