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Simple Pokemon Unite trick lets you heal significantly faster

Published: 9/Aug/2021 21:05

by Brent Koepp


A Pokemon Unite player went viral after sharing their simple trick to heal HP quickly in battles. The Trainer’s genius method will have you gaining more health than before.

In Pokemon Unite, each lane has a total of three goal zones. These important locations are not only used to score points but also act as a safety zone where you can retreat to heal HP during matches.

One Trainer made waves in the community after discovering a genius trick that lets you heal much quicker. The player’s viral video shows the best way to gain health back in the TiMi Studios MOBA.


Pokemon Unite top lane goal zone healing
The Pokemon Company / TiMi Studios
A Pokemon Unite player found the best way to heal in matches.

Viral trick shows how to heal quicker in Pokemon Unite

Whether in the top or bottom lane, you will eventually find yourself in a tense skirmish with an opposing player. Retreating back to your goal zone is the fastest way to get your health back so you can jump back into battle.

However, one player discovered that standing still on your goal zone actually gives HP back slower. According to ‘CyKer604’ the quickest way to heal is to actually run in circles leaving and re-entering the location to reset the goal’s shield.

In a viral video posted on the r/PokemonUnite forum, the Trainer showed footage of their Fletchling sitting still vs constantly moving. The player was able to get an extra rotation more of self-healing which can make the difference between winning a battle or being knocked out.


The Most Efficient Way To Heal from PokemonUnite

While not as much of a secret, the fan also pointed out that each goal zone heals at different points. The furthest one out gives back 200 HP points, the second gives 400 HP, and the final zone nets you an eye-popping 600 HP. The informative clip quickly blew up on the forum as many were unaware of it.

“Dang, actually didn’t know this. From now on I’m going to run in so much circles, my head hurts,” one surprised user wrote.

Another fan commented, “I was unaware of this. Good to know now! I used to think people were trolling me”.


Pokemon Unite players react to healing trick

While many agreed this was the new best method for healing, others pointed out that warping to base and sprinting back to a lane with a dash ability can also have advantages. Although that method also leaves your goal zone completely unprotected.

The viral video will no doubt have an impact on how the game is played. If you happen to see a teammate or opponent wildly circling their goal zone, now you have an idea why – and you should be doing the same!