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Simple Pokemon Go feature rework would solve “inactive” Gym problem

Published: 28/Mar/2022 21:10

by Meg Bethany Koepp


Pokemon Go players have long been frustrated about the inability to remove their ‘mon from inactive Gyms, but this could be fixed with a simple rework that Trainers are urging Niantic to add.

Gyms have been a staple feature of the Niantic mobile title since its release in 2016, whether that’s going to them for a Raid, to spin a PokeStop, or battle rival teams.

The feature has always had one flaw, though – you can’t take a Pokemon out of a Gym once you’ve placed it until it’s knocked out by another player.

Pokemon Go
Niantic / The Pokemon Company
Some rural players have had their Pokemon stuck for months.

Pokemon Go Gyms need a rework to solve inactivity problem

If you look on forums such as Reddit, it doesn’t take long to find a Trainer talking about how long they’ve had a Pokemon in a Gym for.


User ‘MyRedditFitness’, for example, claimed that their son’s Ditto had been in a Gym for 19,009 hours and counting back in January 2022 – that’s 792 days the player had been unable to use their ‘mon.

Another revealed that they’d gotten a streak of 102 days before another fan came along and knocked it out.

My son’s Ditto has been stuck in a gym for a while.

With the issue being without a solution for years, players are calling for a fix, especially for those who live in rural areas who have had their ‘mon stuck for months.

“A recall button would be nice,” user ‘Reasonable_Cap_4477’ commented on yet another post that brought up the issue on March 28.


While it’s a simple resolution, it just goes to show how little effort Niantic would have to put in to solve a problem that has been plaguing Trainers for what feels like forever.

With all this said, it is currently unclear whether Niantic will ever implement a fix for the issue. They set up a task force in 2021 to listen to the community so there is hope.

For now, don’t ever put a Pokemon in a Gym that you use regularly because you just may end up locking it in for months at a time.