VTuber Fubuki loses her mind over finally catching shiny Magikarp after 27 days

Andrew Amos
Hololive VTuber Shirakami Fubuki next to shiny Magikarp in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond
Nintendo / YouTube: Shirakami Fubuki

Hololive VTuber star Shirakami Fubuki had been trying to catch a shiny Magikarp in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond ⁠— without any success ⁠— for 27 days on stream. However, after 220 hours of trying and thousands of attempts, she finally caught the beloved fish, and she couldn’t contain the excitement.

Hunting for shiny Pokemon can be a nightmare for even the most dedicated trainer. It can take hundreds of hours of playing just to get what you want ⁠— and then you have to try and catch it.

It’s no wonder when finding one for the first time elicits such big reactions. For VTuber Shirakami Fubuki, she lost her mind over the iconically-useless yet much-beloved Magikarp.

Instead of blazing through the Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl remakes, Fubuki has had one goal since the game launched: catch a shiny Magikarp. So with her Chimchar, she ventured onto the early routes of Sinnoh looking for that one Magikarp.

Shiny Magikarp
A Shiny Magikarp is something almost every trainer wants in their Pokedex.

When she started the grind on November 26, Fubuki was cautiously optimistic in her first five-hour stint on stream. Then, hours turned into days, and days turned into weeks.

She was Magikarp-less ⁠— only rocking the Chimchar ⁠— for 27 days. However, in the early hours of December 24, a Christmas miracle came early for the fox girl VTuber as that flopping, yellow fish finally came out of the waters of Sinnoh.

She screamed for over a minute in pure elation: “Golden Magikarp exists for real, finally!”

Fubuki got so swept up in the moment she forgot to catch the Magikarp. However, after composing herself somewhat ⁠— she threw her controller across the room and her hands were shaking ⁠— she let go of that Pokeball and ended her 27 day quest for a shiny Magikarp.

“I’m so happy, my hands are shaking so much,” she yelled.

After naming her shiny Magikarp “King Kazama”, Fubuki promptly hit up the nearest Pokemon Center to adore her new catch.

Now with that business out of the way, the VTuber can continue on with her Sinnoh journey, with her shiny Magikarp in tow.