Shiny Lunatone & Solrock appear in new Pokemon Sword & Shield Max Raid event

Alex Garton. Last updated: Sep 17, 2021
Shiny Lunatone & Solrock Sword & Shield
Game Freak

A new Max Raid event has begun in Pokemon Sword & Shield giving trainers the chance to catch Shiny Lunatone & Solrock.

While Pokemon Sword & Shield may have been released all the way back in 2019, it still has a large and dedicated player base who hop on every single day.

Although the game doesn’t bring in a lot of new players anymore, the veterans are still building up their collection of Pokemon, and that means they’re always on the hunt for Shinies.

Game Freak knows this, and that’s why they regularly host Max Raid events where trainers can get their hands on incredibly rare Pokemon.

This week is no different, with the Meteorite event completely taking over Max Raid battles for the entire weekend.

Lunatone Sword & Shield
Game Freak
Shiny Lunatone is making an appearance in Max Raids.

Sword & Shield Max Raid event adds Shiny Solrock & Lunatone

As reported by Serebii, a new event has taken over Max Raid battles and it’s giving players the opportunity to obtain two extremely rare Pokemon.

This Meteorite-themed event will be available between September 17 and September 19, 2021, so make sure you get involved while it’s available!

During this time, trainers will be able to encounter Shiny Lunatone and Shiny Solrock at a spawn rate of 2%, as well as their standard versions if luck isn’t on your side.

Although it may take you a lot of attempts to get your hands on the Shinies, it’s definitely worth it as the event only lasts for a single weekend.

Sword & Shield trainer
Game Freak
The Meteorite event only lasts until September 19.

Hopefully, this has caught you up on exactly which types of Pokemon you can expect to see in your Max Raid Battles.

Keep in mind, this Meteorite Event is only running for the next couple of days so make sure you get involved while you can!

To make sure you’re always up to date on these changes, check out our dedicated Max Raids tracker for all the latest information.