Where to find Shaymin in New Pokemon Snap: all locations guide

shaymin new pokemon snapThe Pokemon Company / Bandai Namco
Lovable Grass-type, Shaymin, is one of the 10 Mythical and Legendary ‘mon in New Pokemon Snap. You’ve got to be quick with the camera shutter to capture it on film, though.
New Pokemon Snap builds upon its 1999 predecessor’s roster of four Legendary monsters by over double, meaning you’ve got your work cut out for you if you want to snapshot them all.
Thankfully, Shaymin is one of the easier ones to photograph because, unlike others such as Suicune, you don’t need to go on a wild goose chase to find it.

Shaymin’s location in New Pokemon Snap 

Florio Nature Park Level 2 (Day)

  • Step One: Head to the park after finishing the story and make your way to the middle section of the course with Bidoof’s dam and the river.
  • Step Two: Pan your camera to the left and look towards the bushes. It might take a second for you to spot it, but Shaymin will be curled up asleep there, ready for you to snapshot.
shaymin new pokemon snapThe Pokemon Company / Bandai Namco (via Twitter: @triforcemeg)
Shaymin will be next to Grookey in the grass.

Florio Nature Park Research level 3 (Day)

  • Step One: Make your way to the very end of the Park. Don’t forget to leave yourself some film for the Mythical – there’s nothing worse than running out of snaps before the course is over!
  • Step Two: Look to your right and watch out for a Crystabloom flower by Florges. If you look closely, Shaymin will be next to it. It will also appear with Scorbunny, Grookey, and Pichu if you’ve managed to bring them to the end of the level.
shaymin new pokemon snapThe Pokemon Company / Bandai Namco (via Twitter: @triforcemeg)
It can be hard to spot!

Florio Nature Park Research level 3 (Night)

  • Step One: This is an easy one. Right at the start of the course, turn towards the sign with Scorbunny standing on top. Look down, and you’ll see the Grass-type chilling on the ground with some Bidoof.
shaymin new pokemon snapThe Pokemon Company / Bandai Namco (via Twitter: @triforcemeg)
If you hit Shaymin with a Fluffruit, it’ll get annoyed and run off.

Florio Island Illumina Spot level 2

  • Step One: A minute or so into the course, pelt the Illumina Pokemon with Orbs until it starts emitting rainbow colours. Turn your camera to the top of the cliff behind Meganium when it stops and you’ll spot Shaymin perched on the edge.
  • Step Two: Once photographed, the Mythical will jump onto the Johto starter’s head and ride it, which makes for a pretty incredible photo opportunity. Professor Mirror will be pleased!
new pokemon snap shayminThe Pokemon Company / Bandai Namco
Shaymin is on top of the cliff.

Now Shaymin’s out of the way, don’t forget to check out our guide to see which other Legendary monsters are in New Pokemon Snap.

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